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targetting your money site

edited August 2012 in Need Help
How many people are using GSA directly to their money site?


  • 2-3 money sites
    I am testing for 1 month since I got hold of GSA SER
    ranking goes up slowly
    I believe no adverse effects can happen if you have variations of anchor texts and spinned texts
  • and good OBL, bad words, PR filters
  • still keep the OBL at 100?
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    OBL <100
    PR+1 or +2

    The more you filter the safer you are up to the point when it seems unnatural in the eyes of google.
    The more you filter the less you are submitting.

    You can use the keyword filter ("...must be present at site") for more aiming to your niche as well.

    You can also split your projects into groups for posting to different platforms with different filters (lower PR for articles, higher PR for blogs and forum profiles for example).
  • @Ozz
    thanks for the bad words list

    But, the more you filter and only creating PR1 and above the less natural it looks if you ask me

    for OBL and bad words I mostly agree

  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    >But, the more you filter and only creating PR1 and above the less natural it looks if you ask me 
    Unquestionably. Everyone has to find the right balance between high and low filtering, dofollow/nofollow links etc.
    But you have to keep in mind that not all links are positive to your site. And these links are mostly PR0 or N/A.
  • I still have yet to see negative Links to any of my sites
    maybe negative Links come when all anchor texts are SAME for 1000s of links
    but random links from random sites with random texts/anchors don't believe
    can hurt you

  • Here I'll put it this way. 

    I've ran GSA on over 50 Sites going directly to the money site.   All 50 are on the 1st page + a bunch of other keywords.    Yes it takes a little bit for GSA to move the site up there.  but I've yet to find a tool that can even come close to GSA and yes I have them all.   I try and buy every single tool that comes out.   This is by far the best i've ever used even more so than Xrumer.
  • that's good info. Hunar and I appreciate the response.

    I'm actually doing a test where I'm running GSA onto a tier1 site for the money site and I just kicked off 10 campaigns that are all affiliate
  • Ozz,

    Can you please re-share the bad word list again, as you can't download it at the link provided.
  • lol, wtf?? mediafire might have a "bad word" filter too :)

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