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Global Sites List Files Issue

edited August 2012 in Bugs

I have "Create Lists of found site" with Submitted & Verified checked but I do not have any outputs in the Submitted Folder - Only the Verified folder

Is this a bug or normal - as I have 42 submission and 17 verified shown in project.


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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Hmm saving the unknown is a to much in my eyes. There would be so many sites you don't want to handle anyway. You can save unknown when parsing together the site lists though.


  • SvenSven
    You have to change the folders as by default they are all into one.
  • I did that already - I have 3 separate folders - Verified works and has files, so has identified but Submitted has nothing
  • did you leave the "verifying only for xxx only" unchecked?
  • No they are both checked
  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    If you want to collect all identified/submitted/verified URLs you have to uncheck both.

    Edit: sorry, I misread your original post. If you only want to collect the verified and submitted URLs your settings should be correct.

    Maybe it helps if you create your folders in another directory (D:/Identified instead of C:/Identified for example) 
  • Seems good to me. Maybe there are some restrictions to the dropbox folder like "read only" or something like that.
  • can someone explain the use of 2 and 3

    1 create lists of found sites
    2  only for succesful submissions
    3  only for verified submissions

    thought I had it but after this conversation I am a little confused

    I have to have 1 checked and  both 2,3 unchecked in order to collect all
    identified/submitted/verified right ?
  • ok thanks
  • There are no restrictions, also there are files saved to the verified folder but submitted folder is empty
  • Changed the folder to a non dropbox folder with same issue
  • Ok, This seems to not be working with the import of URLยดs?

    Does this only save sites when running the Search Engine Identify, Submit, Verify process?

    I just changed directories and ran again with most filter off and a very accurate Pligg list imported - got 138 submitted but nothing in any of the folder defined in options for Create Lists of Found Sites
  • Ok, got Verifed after a while but nothing in Identified nor Submitted
  • Maybe a bug, ill test it now. Try unchecking verified only and see if it saves submitted - thats my prediction.
  • I cleared history & caches and imported new list ...

    I unchecked Verified Only ... so now it saves Submitted now in the correct folder in the correct type-name - but what it doesn't save is any Verified now :( nor any Identified ...

    To me this is a bug ... If I import a list of URL's I expect it to run the identification first and sort the import lists into the platform types or names which is specificed in the options.

    When the list is being processed any URL submitted should go in submitted folder and likewise any verified urls should then be added to Verified folder but the url should remain in Submitted file still.
  • Thats what i though. Not a bug, just the way its currently implemented, eg:

    submitted only
    verified only

    I agree that it would be better to have all 3 types saved to different folders if the options are selected. In the current form it does not make sense to allow both options to be selected if they are mutually exclusive.
  • +1 for saving all 3. I do not see any reason why not identified should saved too into a database - beside verified and submitted ones. @Sven: Please add this :) Would be great, especial to retest processed sites with a new project.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    +1 for adding all 3. Would be useful as @Bytefaker says to reprocess the identified lists!
  • Yes, it is a bug ... or poorly implemented as if you watch the Global Site List Video it says it will save in both Successful and Verified but it doesn't - now I can see it has been changed so you can only select 1 option. I agree importing URL's should be Identified first > Successfully Submitted > Verified
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You use to be able to check both submitted and verified. Not sure when and why this changed.
  • edited September 2012
    It changed with v4.12 - Now you can only select one ...

    The way I see the functionality is that it should store:

    Unknown - with timestamp to a folder allowing you to rerun these when new platforms added / identified
    Identified - when importing or adding new URL - identified and platform saves here
    Submitted - All submitted links - Anything submitted in all projects
    Verified - All verified links - All verified links from all projects
  • @Sven - Great changes with v4.14

    Now only the handling of the unknown - is it possible to save all unknown on import run to unknown folder with a file with a timestamp?

    For example GSA Site List\Unknown\Unknown_20120906_1624.txt

    This would allow of unknowns to be reprocessed in future to identify extra potential sites when new platforms are added?

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