Bulk import articles/urls

It would be really awesome if there were article import and post url import options on the project select level. Let me explain specifically: Feature Request 1: - Highlight multiple projects and right click - Bulk auto fill content - Kontent Machine - Delete current articles/content? Y/N - Number of articles per project? If I had 10 projects and selected 5 articles each, I would choose 50 articles from my KM folder. SER would then go through and add content for each project from the KM aticles (in order). If we had projects in different niches we would just line it up so that the correct articles were used for that project. For example if we have 4 projects with the following niches. 1 - Internet Marketing 2 - Internet Marketing 3 - Car Insurance 4 - Internet Marketing Articles 1 through 10 would be internet marketing. Articles 11 through 15 would be car insurance and articles 16 through 20 would be internet marketing. This would be according to order in the kontent machine folder. This way we could fill content for multiple projects without having to individually open each of them! Feature Request 2: - Highlight multiple projects and right click - Add project urls from clipboard - Delete current urls Y/N This would enable us to import 10 urls into 10 duplicate projects without having to open up each project, clear the url and paste in. These two features combined would make creating projects in bulk a LOT easier.


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