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The Ser Helper Wonder Tool - Save Time x10!

Opening this for Beta Access Now

1. Sign-up to LazyBlue list:

2. Message me here at ser forum requesting for beta access.

3. Now I'm asking for your patience while I get some sleep(it's sleeping time here in my timezone/region at the time of posting this). I also set-up the beta licenses manually.


Here are its current features:

Projects creation/edit features

  • Bulk Create/Duplicate Projects
  • Bulk Modify Projects
  • Bulk Import data from SCM, KM, or other content generators/curators that exports SER-compatible datafields files
  • Edit some of ser projects' Options values through a combobox.
  • Now this also contains a simple comparer that will show the changes that you've done to your projects! I'm using this when I'm changing projects options values to verify my changes.
  • Restore back-up project files

ArticleManager(focus on ArticleBuilder) features

If you are using ArticleBuilders articles, then you'll definitely need this! If you are using articles from SCM, KM or other content generators, then you can use the bulk import datafields feature of above.

  • ArticleBuilder Storage Tool
  • Bulk Assign of articles from ArticleBuilder storage

Inspyder Backlink Monitor features(For now, I'm including this to LazyBlue, but marking it as in Alpha stage. Still thinking on how to make this more user-friendly, but this is very workable now and I'm always using this)

  • My Own BLM Scheduling – BLM Sequential Runs per Batch(Run BLM Projects one after the other)
  • Automatically Export Verified URLS from ser projects, and automatically add those backlinks to the target BLM project
  •  Ser Project URLs Validator (with BLM) – check and remove dead urls/links in ser projects

Testimonial #1: If you “were” active in senuke forum, you might have read Tops very useful thread there. Here’s one of his feedback:



Testimonial #2:


Testimonial #3:


Testimonial #4:


More info and videos at:



  • edited August 2014
    Thanks for those who requested beta access.

    Some Update:


    - some optimization for the BulkProj comparer feature. also did some changes for the comparer display(prevent some skipping of the display)
    - BulkProject - Comparer feature(right-click on projects list) - compare current project files against back-up
    - BulkProject- Restore from back-up(right-click on projects list)
    - BulkProject - added some default values for Options keys
    - BulkProject - added combobox format some Options keys(easier user selection of Options data to change) e.g. 'Use site list type' will show the actual names instead of numbers in combobox.
  • Please allow me to Beta test your tool! Thanks! Looks promising.
  • will pm you details in a minute or 2. Thanks!

  • I'd love to check this out. I create tons of projects and would love to speed the process up.
  • zerozero yashar
    Please allow me to use this tool in beta, thanks!
  • I've been lucky enough to be using this tool for a few months. It has completed changed the way I do seo. Setting up 40 tier 2 campaigns to blast my tier 1 links is a couple of minutes work with this tool. Great additon to ser.

    The developer is very responsive to programming new features and really understands how we use ser. Get in on the beta and send him your feedback for anything you'd like added to it.
  • Thanks for the feedback Tops! As soon as I get more feedbacks here, I'll be able to make this tool much more flexible.
  • @grover @zero

    I already sent pm for the beta access details. There was some issue a while ago with the licensing, but fixed that now.

    Give me feedback on how you do stuffs, maybe I can make a way for it in LazyBlue

  • edited August 2014

    did some update:

    - BulkProj - Assigned user-defined formats(for writing/reading the .prj keys) to specific section in bulkproj.ini file -> Bulk_Form_Formats_User_Defined
       - Sample of this is:
            1. You want to change the URLs of your project files. 
            2. Default format of LazyBlue for the current URL box is that it will split what you put in that URL box. If you want to override that and use the URLs that you put in the box across all projects, then just edit format, uncheck split projects, save, and it will then be saved to its specific user defined section in ini file.

    - BulkProj - Added a "Go To folder>" for easier folder navigation
        - Just some easier navigation to go to 'ser projects' folder, Lazyblue created projects folder, current edited projects folder, or current projects' back-up folders.

    - BLMSER - Fix for BLM VPS and SER VPS hanging

  • Can I get Beta access please?
  • already sent you details @newbieseo

  • I also researched about WAC, if LazyBlue can also do the bulk import from WAC data. It does. 

    Here's a vid:
  • I would like a beta, please...
  • Hi @Olve1954

    will send you pm with access details. Thanks!
  • Hi dmrt could I get access too? thanks
  • Hi  @jon2009 @deNiro72

    yeah will send you info in a while
  • Pease pm a beta key. I work with many project and need a tool like this.
  • Thanks @cefege. pm'ed you

  • Hey guys,

    Just did an update to LazyBlue.

    Basically, if you've been using ser for a while, once in a while you'll come across the need to edit your engines/platforms. As for me, I was always scared when doing this since other settings and engines selection might change.

    Here is my answer to this need now:

    v 2.16

    BulkProj - Engine Checker/Unchecker! - This has still limited functionality though - Only Enable/Disable engines. Can't enable/disable based on data values, like disable engines that use Question_Title, etc.
    More detailed description at

    BulkProj - Improved the comparer feature
    BulkProj - Added projects count
    BulkProj - Clear Project articles if on import of datafields file, it finds an article inside that datafields file

    Simple Project Editor - resize and added notes on form/actual window
  • This looks great.

    I've signed up.

    Can I have beta access please?

  • Scaramanga 

    Will send you pm

  • For those that change the site list types(identified, submitted, verified, failed, ++ combinations) that they want their ser to build links from, LazyBlue can easily switch the site list types for x number of projects easily. :)

    It was also one of my pain points too, as I had to do these steps previously:

    1. go to a ser project
    2. click the site list type that I want
    3. Commit change by clicking 'OK'
    4. Open that specific project in notepad++ to see the actual value of the site list types selected. I could never remember or take note of the actual values.
    5. Once I now the real value, I now open up the projects that I want through notepad
    6. search and replace all the use site list type= with the value that I want.

    With LazyBlue, here are the steps:
    1. Drag the projects you want to edit on the projects panel
    2. add the 'options'->'use site list type' box
    3. select the value that you want for that box(dropbox combo box).
    4. Then click the modify->boxes values.

    Here's a video showing how to do this with LazyBlue:

  • zerozero yashar
    Awesome tool, thanks for allowing me to beta test.
  • Please can i have beta access too?
  • Thanks @zero for your feedback. :)

    @raglady, will send you pm in a minute or so

  • Very ambitious tool. I know this is beta but focus on the user friendly aspect more.
  • Thanks @cefege for the advice. Yeah especially the BLM feature, need to have more description and instructions for it.
  • zerozero yashar
    This saved me like 4~ hours w/ the bulk import options, a tool for every {hard|soft}core SER user.
  • thanks for that @zero. Glad you see the value of LazyBlue.
  • edited August 2014
    Hey guys

    Updated to 2.17 with some cool new features. :)

    Basically first 2 features below enables users to easily search and change the options and data values of ser projects. The 3rd feature allows users to save the boxes for easy loading.

    - BulkProj: Easy searching of options now available! YOu can also search by ser option name(the one in SER GUI, but I haven't finished mapping all of the values yet)
    - BulkProj: also added functionality of mapping .prj option keys to SER friendly names(the one displayed in SER) for easy finding. As of now, only mapped 1 option key and friendly name - the option "overwrite auto add anchor url" mapped to SER GUI "Try to Always Place an URL with an anchor text in descriptions/comments"
    - BulkProj: save multiple boxes profile. Depending on your needs, you might need to modify certain options and data values quite a bit. Why not save it(the boxes view) to its own profile for easy access in LazyBlue?
    - ArticleManager: harvest articlebuilder, separate files(specifically for @gooner ) :)
    - fix:option pause project mode format fixed

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