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Elite BackConnect Anonymous Proxies - 120.000+ IPs - 50% DISCOUNT !

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What We Offer: 

  • Real BroadBand , Digital Cable DSL  IPs
  • New IP every 10 minutes assigned on each port
  • 99.9%+ Network Uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Worldwide Locations & Elite Anonymity
  • 100% Compatibility with any Software and Browser
  • High Success Rate guaranteed with Professional Failsafe System
  • Continuously updated IP database 

Our Proxy Packs Prices:

  • 5 Ports - FREE 2 DAYS trial then 10$ / month   
  • 10 Ports - 19.5$/ month
  • 15 Ports - 32.5$/ month
  • 25 Ports - 49.5$/ month
  • 50 Ports - 82.5$/ month
  • 100 Ports - 140$/ month
  • CUSTOM - pls contact

For CUSTOM plan we can offer:

  • more ports
  • more threads / port
  • more retries per thread
  • geo targeted (not all unfortunatlly)

50% DISCOUNT Special; use coupon: SER50OFF

Order NOW !

Instead of having to enter hundreds of proxies, you enter one listening IP and different ports for each set of proxies. Each listen IP and corresponding port will automatically change IP's every 10 minutes without you having to lift a finger! 

Professional Failsafe System - besides changin your IP every 10 minutes we change your IP one more time for every thread used if it can not access the website for any reason.

Our proxies have a limit of 10 Threads per port ( proxy).

For any questions or details pls dont hesitate to post here or PM.


Instant Account Activation
All you have to do is login on our website and go to settings; there you will have Authorized IPs panel on bottom right. Insert atleast 1 IP from where you want to access your proxies.


  • goonergooner
    Hi, i'm interested in giving these a try.

    Have the proxies been tested with GScraper, Scrapebox, Hrefer etc?
  • Yes i personally use them on GScraper and have been tested on hrefer/sb aswell.
  • goonergooner
    Awesome, thanks man i'll sign up a bit later. Cheers
  • Which package will i need to buy if i want to run Gscraper with 500 threads?

    Can you tell me average scraping speed with these proxies?
  • For 500 threads you would need the 100 ports plan.

    I have been scrapeing with them pretty heavy but im removing dup domains at scrape so i cant actually tell you a speed as gscraper doesnt tell me one.

    Oh, almost forgot to mention for best results you shouldnt use ignore and skip @ proxy settings on gscraper.

    For a quick ideea you can always signup for a free 2 day trial and check how things work.
  • What's the difference between this and ReverseProxies?
  • edited August 2014
    @zero i would prefer not to go into actual coding details about this but i would like you to read this and just give our proxies a go on the free 2 days trial.

    "Professional Failsafe System - besides changin your IP every 10 minutes we change your IP one more time for every thread used if it can not access the website for any reason."

    So in theory we change your IP every 30 secondes; thats not the case but if it were our system does that.

    Hope this clears things up a little bit.

  • Okay, but it's not so professional when you don't spell professional correctly.
  • edited August 2014
    im sorry for the bad grammar, english is not my 1st language :)
  • Oh, sorry. Well, looks really good other than that.

    Also, just wondering, can you give me a breakdown country by country where the IPs come from? Thanks.

    Good luck with sales!
  • We are offering IPs from all over the world except Russia and China.

    Ofcourse all the IPs are randomly mixed during a 24 hours period. 

    Our system is tryin to keep our IPs from getting flagged as spam in any way possible so we take them out of use when a specific number of requests have been done. Its not 100% but we believe we are getting our work done pretty good for the moment.

  • Thanks! Good luck with sales, looks like an awesome service.
  • Thx zero

    Hope to have you as one of our satisfied customers. :)
  • edited August 2014
    Forgot to mention :)

    We offer : Instant Account Activation
    All you have to do is setup the IP from where you want to access the proxies after you signup and you can use our system 100%.
  • @svabb2000 Can't that lead to abuse? Like signing up 2 days at a time for a free trial with instant activation.
  • edited August 2014
    normally it could lead to abuse but thats why we ask you (the client) to subscribe with your paypal account (can be canceled anytime).

    That way we can link you account with the paypal account and avoid this.Not to mention we are checking this a few times a day to make sure we dont get overloaded by abuse and maintain a quality service for our clients.
  • Signed up for trial, i will upgrade after testing it for 2 days.
  • Thx for giving our service a testrun. 
    If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact.
  • Looks good.  I used another backconnect proxy service in the past which was good but very slow.  How do these backconnect proxies compare with private proxies in terms of speed?
  • In terms of speed its hard to compare but we believe our proxies are very close to private proxies speed.
    Please keep in mind we offer a failsafe system that takes a little time so we are a bit slower then private; plus we offer worldwide locations that can actually make a proxy be slower to one client but very fast for another.

    Our main target for the service is high success rate for seo software for submission and for scrape.

    Hope this answers your question. Please dont hesitate to contact if any other questions.
  • Hello Svabb2000,

    Could you advice me on which plan I need for GSA SER (2 projects with 30 threads each) + GSA SEO Indexer?

    Thank you.

  • @Eiffel‌ i would suggest the 25 ports plan that allows you 75 threads. this will also be good for scraping on the projects aswell.

    if any problems or questions pls dont hesitate t contact.
  • I'm not discrediting your suggestion but need some clarity.  If it's 5 threads per 1 port then why not a 12 port plan for a total of 60 threads?
  • edited August 2014

    ReverseProxies: each port can accept 10 threads

    ProxyRotor: Our proxies have a limit of 5 Threads per port 

    Which one to choose?

  • @CecilDee‌ packs are based on number of ports no threads sorry

    @Eiffel‌ we are working on adjusting this; should be rdy in 1 or 2 days
    we are testing everything to make sure quality is high
  • @svabb2000 could you post here when ready for 10 threads?
  • @Eiffel threads increased to 10 per port as promised.
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    Excellent proxies, unbelievable speed and results. I hope you guys keep it up!!!
  • used 2 hours, already more than 10 hours service is down nothing is working, no support at all, very disappointed.
  • edited August 2014
    @mygo in future pls pm not write on profile because we dont get warning about that. and we have skype support aswell and you didnt contact us there either.

    pls tell me your username so i can check

    LE: you wrote us at 2:06PM where are the 10 hours of no support.
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