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'NEXT GENERATION LISTS - 230k unique verifieds for $59 - updated every 3-4 days'



  • For the launch of this service, the first 25 customers get a month access for $45. PM me for the coupon code.
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    edited July 2014
    I was contacted to be one of beta users of the OP's list and I'd say this: his list performs very well largely thanks to its freshness resulting in high LPM/VPM. I tried manually checking the verified links built from this list and was particularly impressed to see my dofollow blog comments present along side only 4-5 others (normally I'd already see hundreds if not thousands - spam palaces!) Contextuals also have a high verified rate.

    I've bought and used lists from various sellers on this forum and my overall feedback has been rather positive. This is no different.

    What I think is even more appealing here is the freshness and highly affordable price of the lists. 240k fresh links per month for $59 is simply ridiculous.

    I love site lists. In fact I'm addicted to them. This service is a good alternative to the various existing great lists and I'm sure more competition will make things even sweeter for buyers :)
  • Let me know the coupon code
  • Where can i see the stats of your first list? I want to know how many contextual links in a list?
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    When theseo1 put up a thread calling for people to beta test his new service I jumped right in . Not that I like getting free stuff , but because I know that he has a very solid reputation on a few other forums as a reliable service provider. IMHO any list which is sold only has two ways to be evaluated 

    > > The Freshness of the lists :

    All the VPM-LPM brag of sellers is just a marketing gimmick.I can probably post to a same bunch of domains 100 times each and that too through 100 different projects. If you do that , yeah , you will get some crazy stats . Is it worth it ? IDK.
    But I will still post one just for the "wow" factor :

    3 projects - Not posting to the same sites again.Kaching!  

    With theseo1 service ,thats NOT the case.There are no marketing gimmicks.You get exactly what you pay for.You can see that yourself when he is honest about the uniqueness of the lists. This is the same case with a lot of sellers but they just wont admit it.Just get two different lists from the same seller and dedupe it.You will know what I am talking about.  I have this weird habit of messing with people on my Skype with downright ridiculous questions and put them through a lot of "how and what if " ideas before even thinking about vouching for anything . This guy knows what he is doing . PERIOD. Thus the *** kissing.

    TLDR : The lists are so fresh that it raises the bar so-freakin-high ,that the competition is going to find it hard to compete.

    > > The number of people its going to be sold to :

    Ofcourse this is something none of us will know but you can see the aftermath after a week  or so .Since this list is going to be updated very often thats not something you really have to worry about.

    All in all, this is a great service for great price ( which I secretly wish doesn't get a lot of subscribers so that I can be the only person having fun) . As bangkoklad lad put it , the lists sold in the GSA forum have great value for money and the same goes to this one. The competition is just going to make it better for us , buyers.

  • PM Sent
  • Is there any limit on how many you will be selling per month?
  • There is some guide with the lists? 
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    The first list is being built right now. Thanks for the first signup guys. I'm extending everybody who purchased for 3 additional days so you get exactly 1 month of access since the first list is going to be released Sunday / Monday.

    @itsme The stats of the list will be updated in this thread and in the panel. In the test runs I did, there been in average between 3.8 and 4.5k contextuals per lists. Please not not all of them are unique as mentioned in the salesthread, the number of unique contextuals I aim for compared to the previously released list is exactly as mentioend in the salesletter. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less. Over the course of several lists, it's going to be balanced.

    @HUBBA PM replied.

    @raycol Yes I'm limiting these lists but since I launched just yesterday, the limit of 100 customers isn't reached at all. The limit for now is 100 active subscribers.

    @luckyskywalker right now there's no guide released. I'm planning to build a FAQ / Recommended techniques page in the panel later on. This page will not be similar to the guides SERLists provides but more a recommendation how to get the best out of each list and what settings I use to build them.

    @spammasta & bangkoklad thanks for your reviews, glad you liked the service!

    IMPORTANT: I've had a list provider signing up today using a fake GSA forum name for my lists. If you're a service provider and interested in my lists, at least you can contact me before you buy and not play games like fake emails & fake usernames at the signup. I've purchased several lists myself over here before I started this service. With the frequent updates of my lists I want to avoid using the lists I provide ending up in other sellers' lists.

    $45 Coupons still available, PM or reply to this thread if you're interested.

    First list is going to be released on Sunday / Monday I'll post the stats in this thread.
  • plese PM me coupon
  • image

    Numbers tell everything..



    What I like that its all fresh from 3-4 days =) and i get new list which is cool for a verified list provider =)

  • Hi,
    Can you send me coupon?
  • Send me coupon.
  • send me coupon please
  • @meph & @raycol & @raglady - coupons sent, thank you guys for your interest.

    I've PMd a couple of more people who asked for coupons, please note that I will extend your memberships for 3+ days manually since tomorrow / Monday the first list is about to get released. I'll confirm everybody who got extended until tomorrow since I won't be online today anymore.

    Thanks again for the orders today and stay tuned for tomorrow's list :) Enjoy your saturday guys!
  • The coupon code for 45$ will be for monthly payment or just for first month?
  • could you pm a coupon code


  • Hi,
    Can you send me coupon?
  • Just thought I should add in my review of this service as I beta tested it. 

    Basically the thing that sets these lists apart from the others is the freshness, you get a list that has been scraped and verified within the last few days so you will get a higher % success.  I wouldn't be surprised to see other sellers moving to something similar to this as it seems to work better.

    The thing with this list is patience.  I am like some others that want to get a high number of contextual links, these lists are 25k and are a similar split to other sellers i.e. % contextual, % blog comments etc. This means that you get a smaller number of contextuals compared to other lists, although your success rate will be higher.  So comparing these lists every 3-4 days and buying 2 other supplier lists within a month, from what I have seen, you should get a higher number of contextual links with this.

    IMO this will be the best value list sold on this forum so a thumbs up from me.
  • I'm interested, please PM code....thanks!

  • Is this service with subscription? Or just one time payment?
  • Hello, can you send me a coupon code?
  • @Flembot thanks for the honest review!

    @Interwebber & @Destroyerror &@madewith & @tommy99 coupons sent!

    @kinglouie the coupon is valid for 1 month access. This is not a subscription based service. You pay for a month of access and are not automatically rebilled.

    First List Released:

    Category - Article............: 1403
    Category - Blog Comment.......: 20066
    Category - Directory..........: 374
    Category - Forum..............: 1698
    Category - Guestbook..........: 2404
    Category - Image Comment......: 215
    Category - Pingback...........: 56
    Category - Social Bookmark....: 86
    Category - Social Network.....: 1889
    Category - Trackback..........: 2435
    Category - URL Shortener......: 231
    Category - Wiki...............: 384
    Total.........................: 31242

    All links on the first list have been built within the last 3 days. Working on the new list already to get some more contextuals for the next release but they're so hard to get :)

    Remember, every 3-4 days you get a list of a similar size to the stats published above. In total, you get around 240k+ verified links over the course of a month!

    Some $45 coupons are still available, PM me if you're interested or have questions about the service.
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    edited July 2014

    Just been running this first list for the first hour :)
  • Can I get a coupon please?
  • A good 100 vpm now, really recommended this list, and the seller is good, positive guy, really helpfull.
  • theseo1 Can you please send me a coupon code?

  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    edited July 2014
    I had chance to take a test run at a couple of lists before @theseo1 made this sales thread live. All I can say is WOW! 

    My LPM went through the roof, in fact I've not seen anything like this before... even from other lists I have purchased in the past from other sellers. 

    theseo1 is practically giving these list away at this price especially since the lists are fresh a couple of times a week, of course you might come across some cross over but this is understandable and wasnt a big issue for me.

    For anyone on the fence and not sure if this list service is for you jump in and give it a try .. i'm sure you wont be disappointed!

    As far as i'm concerned its a "no brainer"!
  • @bangkoklad thanks for the follow up, decent VPM ;)

    @newbieseo coupon sent!

    @raglady thanks for reporting back!

    @MorphMan thanks a lot for the review, glad you like the lists :)

    @Metster coupon sent!

    A handful of $45 coupons available, everybody who PM'd me should have received a coupon as well.

    Next list is going to be released on 31st / 1st. Thank you guys for all the orders!
  • @theseo1

    1)How did you change the old lists? Just merged them? Or create a new folder?

    2) What captchas did you use to build the lists?
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