Questions About List Priority

I'm not scraping SE's. I have my projects set to pull links form 2 global lists.

My question is this. If I import target urls to a project will it go through all those before pulling from the global lists?

If I have the above setup and DO scrape SE's will SER scrape randomly, or wait until it has exhausted the imported urls and global lists?


  • Accepted Answer
    First question, yes.

    Second question, SER should first get links by scraping, then it'll go through imported urls, and finally it'll use global lists.

    Btw. you should know that a project can never exhaust the global lists. It's always pulling random links from a global list, and it'll never know when and if all urls has been ran.
  • fakenickahl Thanks!

    I suspected that about global lists (not running out). With older versions I would receive the "no targets" "important message" when running global lists, but that hasn't happened over that past several updates.
  • fakenickahl I'm having the problem with "no targets to post to" errors. I have two global site lists chosen (massive), and I imported target urls. I figure the error came after going through the imported target urls, but I've cleared the error and it keeps popping back up. Do you have any insight on this?
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