Question about setting a project for multiple websites with multiple anchors.

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Lets say I need to build backlinks for 5 sites, each site has 10 anchor texts. I would like the project to randomly put 2 links with random matching anchors in the article. How to set the project? I tried import URL and anchor like but the project will only use 111 as the anchor, but 222 333 444 never appear as anchor.


  • @Ozz @Sven

    Could you please help this out? This will save me huge time since i'm promoting about 200 websites in one time.
  • Accepted Answer
    Sure they will appear depending on the percentage you have assigned to secondary anchors. You have check "Use secondary anchor text with XX%

    Not sure if GSA has a different rule for tertiary, quaternary, quinary etc. or if it even supports them.

    But if 111 is the primary anchor and 222, 333, 444 are secondary anchors then use URL#111#{222|333|444}.
  • Hi tumpien,

    This works perfectly. Thank you for your help
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