How are Captcha Services Used?

Under options >> Captcha  - Are the captcha services used in the order they are listed? 

I see up and down buttons to move a service up and down the list, so I presume that they are used in order, but I want to be sure.  I checked here:

but it doesn't explain that part. 

Further to explain I mean that if I have say captcha breaker first and then spamvilla second that it will try captcha breaker for the retries I have set, then moves to the next service?

The option to use for "hard captchas only" what is defined as a hard captcha?  Only recaptcha or is there some formula or... ?

In projects >> Options - if I set a custom captcha retry, that will override the default retry I have set for each service under program options correct? 



  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
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    - I think they're used in order yes.
    - so if 1st service fails to solve a captcha, it will move to the 2nd one and so on.
    - hard captchas = recaptcha, solve media etc.
    - yes, custom retry will override default retry.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    1) Yes the captcha services work in order and will use the retries and move on to the next.

    2) Solve media and Recaptcha are considered hard to solve captchas. Mollom use to be there but the recent CB update solves Mollom pretty good so its no longer needed.

    3) Yep, that is correct.

    *Edit* bangkoklad beat me to it lol. 
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    @loopline, Sven explained captcha retries on this thread,

    Sven did say, the whole registration/submission step happens again for about 3 times. On the last try, the last captcha service is only used in the hope that this is a payed/human operated captcha service with better success rate.

    Hence, in your case CB vs Spamvilla, CB is the one with better success rate (or solves more captcha types), and should be the last captcha service. I suggest the following setup in SER,

    #1 Spamvilla (Only for Hard captchas)
    #2 GSA-CB

    Personally I prefer CaptchaTronix...

  • looplineloopline
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     Thanks for that post, I had missed it. 

    I am switching to Captcha Tronix as well, I was just letting my spamvilla subscription run out.  Spam villa seems to be down all the time and have issues. 

    Given that you already use Captcha Tronix, do you prefer it as a first source, or Captcha Breaker. Do you only use CT for hard captchas?

    I presume you would use captcha breaker first due to the fact it can handle more threads and then use CT as the backup, just curious if you only use it for hard captchas.

    bangkoklad and @s4nt0s thanks for the info!
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    Here's my captcha settings in SER,

    #1 CB, 0 Retry
    #2 CT, 1 Retry, Only for Hard captchas
    #3 CB (again), 3 Retries

    My #1service is really unnecessary, but I like to put it there, so that SER sends captchas to it, and CB displays them. Just want to watch those captchas coming in.

    You can't use CT as backup, since it only solves recaptchas...
  • looplineloopline
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      So... putting CB first but only using hard captchas for CT and assuming you have CB set not to try and solve Recaptcha, then that would mean that all captcahs except hard ones flow to CB anyway, so doesn't that basically render spot 1 completely useless?  I mean all captchas except recaptcha are going to go to 1, then skip straight to 3 right? 

    I mean you said it wasn't necessary, but isn't it simply completely pointless?  Don't misunderstand, Im not saying your doing something stupid, Im just trying to understand your logic to make sure I haven't misunderstood something. 


     You said that there is an internal retry when a submission to a site is failed due to the wrong captcha being sent. Also you said that SER then skips to the last service in hopes that it is a human based service, if the last service listed is set to hard captchas only, does it still try to submit to it, or does it backup one to the lowest non hard captcah service?  Assuming of course that the captcha in question that is trying to be solved is NOT a hard captcah, but a basic one etc...

    Thanks guys, I just like to know my programs inside and out to the T and then I can really extrapolate the impact of very decision.
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    Ok, let start again...

    With the settings I have above, SER will send ALL captchas to CB. CB will attempt to solve it once, then 0 retries. And yes, I've disabled Recaptchas in CB, so that it doesn't waste time and resources trying to solve it. And I don't use any external services in CB.

    The #1 setting is unnecessary, but it's not useless. I "need" to see what type of recaptchas I'm getting. CB displays them, but waste no time solving them,


    And if I get lots of these,


    then, I know my proxies are in trouble...

    You said,

    > I mean all captchas except recaptcha are going to go to 1, then skip straight to 3 right?

    You may have misunderstood how CB+SER works. With my settings (above), ALL captchas are going to go to #1...

  • looplineloopline

    Ahh, ok that makes perfect sense.  Now I understand why you have it setup the way you do and how that is beneficial. 

    Thanks for making it clear, I appreciate you taking time to post screenshots and explain it in detail. 
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    You're welcome...

    @Sven didn't reply. So, I guess he may not be in favour of your recommendation. We shouldn't rely on his algorithm too much (i.e. backup one to the lowest non hard captcha service). Just remember to place your "best" captcha service at the last spot.

    Also, I noticed when you quote my username (e.g. @Olve1954), I don't get a Notification. So maybe Sven didn't get your message...

  • looplineloopline
      Hmmm dunno why, I just copied and pasted your username with @.  Perhaps it copied some rich text data that threw it off. 

    Yeah that makes sense, just set the best as last and call it a day.  I didn't think to use CB twice anyway, so thats a new thought for me.  Thanks for the feedback. 
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    >Perhaps it copied some rich text data that threw it off.

    Yup, the rich text data must have threw it off. Received your notification...

  • looplineloopline
    good to know, Ill avoid that next time.  thx.
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