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Captcha Retry Clarification (retries service or retries to solve?)

edited November 2013 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
This option is confusing and I think many people mis-understand it, and I just want to clarify it for my own understanding (to make sure i have it right), and for the understanding of others.

After searching through many forum posts here, it seems most users (including senior members) assume that this means how many times SER attempts to try and solve the captcha if a previous wrong answer was given. But this is not the case.

Instead, this seems to actually mean how many times SER will *attempt* to reach the service for an answer before moving on or giving up. This has nothing to do with a correct or incorrect answer. If for some reason SER does not receive an answer from service 1, it will then move onto the next service. But if it does receive an answer (right or wrong) then it stays with that service.

This is more of a "connection" retry, and less of a "solve captcha" retry.

So this means that you could set your retry rate to 1, but as long as SER gets a response it will do as many captcha retries as it can with that service.

ie: If you set up only 1 service, deathbycaptcha, and you set retries to 1, it will still try to solve the captcha multiples times, ie 4 or 5 times. So do not be misled that you are only retrying each catpcha 1x. No, you are trying to connect to deathbycaptcha 1x, but once you do it will retry unsolved captchas multiple times.


I see many people recommending that you setup a software solution as your first service (captcha sniper, captcha breaker), then setup something like deatchbycaptcha as your second service. With the thought that if the first one can't solve it after x retries then it sends it to the second service. But again, this is NOT the case. Because as long as SER receives a response from the first service (even if wrog captcha answer) it will not query the second service.

I understand that this is possible to setup in the Captcha Breaker options, but that's something separate. And I see many people here not understanding these options and thinking they can do this with the SER options, which no, you cannot (from my understanding).

Again, this is a "connection" retry, and not a "got the wrong answer" retry.

Can @sven or anyone else please confirm that I am understanding this correctly?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    "Retry" is used in the following way:

    1. captcha is downloaded

    2. send to first captcha service

    2a. reply is given...submission is done to that site

    2b no reply is given...back to step 1 to hopefully get a more easy captcha that can be solved

    3. If still no reply is given but retry was done to the max, the same happens to captcha service 2 than 3 than 4...


    Now there is another internal retry if an answer was given by one of the captcha services, but detected as wrong...than the whole registration/submission step happens again for about 3 times. On the last try, the last captcha service is only used in the hope that this is a payed/human operated captcha service with better success rate than e.g. Captcha Breaker.


  • edited November 2013
    Thanks @sven, I understand now.

    If service does not attempt an answer because captcha is too difficult, then retry will "refresh" the captcha, in hopes of getting an easier one.

    Thanks for your patience.

    I still believe that many people mis-understand this option, from all of the threads I have read on it here, it definitely seems that way. Hopefully this will help others to clearly see what this option is.

    Also from what I have seen from the software I use (Captcha Sniper), it is pretty liberal with its attempts to answer, very rarely does it hold off and not attempt an answer, which makes this retry option almost pointless. But Captcha Breaker may be better in this regard and show more restraint, I will have to try it soon.

    Thanks bro!! Me love you long time.

  • SvenSven

    Indeed Captcha Sniper is almost always returning an answer. As soon as there OCR is delivering something it is taken as valid result. I think it also doesn't stick to the defined charset and returns answeres even if the captcha type definition is set to only accept e.g. numbers. 

    However Captcha Breaker goes a step further. It also checks the result for being in range of length (min/max length of result) AND a valid charset (some none OK chars might get converted like 1 to I or alike. Of course thats not all it does. It also checks for invalid looking results like "IIIII" or "OoO00" or something like that where image filters just returned lines or circles.

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