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MaXMaX Portugal
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HI Guys, I cant get my head around how I can add a second post to my Web 2.0 Blogs which I already craeted and which have each 1 post already. How do I submit to the same Web 2.0 Blog a second post? do I do that by just selecting the same Web 2.0 Engines I already have created accounts for and use the same email accounts as before. Sorry I should never have asked that questions, I am embarrassed. :)


  • VijayarajVijayaraj India
    Accepted Answer
    @MaX try the schedule posting in the options tab
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    Hi Vijayaraj, you seem to become my personal mentor. :) I am totally lost here I think. I have originally when I set up the web 2.0 account ticked the box for allowing to add more than 1 post.

    What I cant understand is how to add and submit a fresh new post to those same blogs which already have one post published.
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    If I create a new Project than I have to fill in all the fields like the blog name etc, but the blog has already a name, so do I just leave those fields empty? This is very puzzling to me.

  • @MaX In the project options schedule posting section

    Allow Posting on Same Site Again – Checking this will allow you to post multiple times to the same Web 2.0 account
    Time to wait between two posts – This allows us to set up a publishing schedule
    Maximum Posts per account – This allows how many articles can be posted per account

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