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SER & threads problem - more threads but lower DPM and cpu usage.

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Hi guys

I have strange problem with ser and i face it from few versions. So i stop ser, start it, let it run for 20 minutes or something like that and it looks like this:

As you can see CPU usage is high so it shoud not be possible to run ser with 2x more threads.

After 1 hour i see 100% more threads but same CPU usage, same DPM etc. DPM/LPM/VPM dont change, there is no more cpu power avaliable so how ser can run 100% more threads? Thats make me think some threads are idle and SER dont close them.

After next 2 hours my ser use 2k threads with less cpu usage (image below).. and whats worse lower DPM (lpm, vpm is also lower). Stop & start ser, or restart solve problem but i cant do this every 4 hours. I dont face this problem with 8.48, my dpm is stable with this version - i get 5-6k dpm per minute with no problems. Please @Sven take a look at this.


Btw i run ser on dedicated server, Xeon 1230, 8 gig ram, 1gbps line, no problems with download & upload (tested). I mainly filter lists so i get tons of no engine etc. I import lists directly to projects.

Update: just checked SER again and:
- 5 projects active, but ser thinks 6 are active, only 1 project running, rest projects is idle.
- when i hit stop not all threads close, X thread are not closed.
Closing ser and opening it agaiin would fix this but i cant do this every 4 hours or so. Screenshot:


  • @Sven

    Here is video (recorded on fast forward, sorry for black screens) with ser running for ~1 hour. No threads limit. Number of threads constantly goes up (without any bugs, when threads goes up speed is awesome) than something bad happens, and threads decrease, dpm drop to 0, threads drop to number of active projects. "stop" is not working - project are still active after i click stop button. Tested it on 2 dedicated servers in 2 different data centers.

    Ofc i can limit threads to lets say 2000 but when threads limit is reached LPM and DPM drop drastically. 

  • Have you found any solution to this?
  • SvenSven
    @satyr85 "You don't have permission to access the requested URL."
  • @Sven
    Nope i didnt found solution. From my experience SER is working very stable with lower number of threads.
  • @Sven

    Could you also please check my thread?

    My settings are fine, proxies fine because i use same SER settings on another dedicated and it works perfectly. I contacted the GreenCloudVPS and it`s fine in their side.
  • SvenSven
    @adystanley stop this. You send me the same messages in private conversations all the time and now you also hijack other threads.
  • SvenSven
    @satyr85 that video is not really helpful. If you see such things again it is better to send a bugreport using "Help->Send Bugreport" and make a note to this conversation.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @satyr85 I thought you split your dedicated servers into 'VPS'? hmmm.
  • Tim89
    Please tell me how my servers, what i do with them and how i use them is releated to this thread?
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