Some questions about setting up a VPS

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OK, I'm thinking of setting up a VPS but I've never done it before so I have some questions. The main reason I want to do this is so I can put many programs there and get my outsourcer to access it (rather than them installing on their computers - as sometimes I only have one license). Now, this is what a VPS can help me in right - it's like a virtual computer and my VA can access it right? Unless I'm mistaken.

Also, I'm only going to use one if it's cheap. Someone who uses Magic Submitter (I have that too) recommended - can get a VPS for about $14/month. I'm not sure if that's cheap and if it's cheap only coz it's not good?

I'm not expecting to use it a lot. Maybe put GSA, Captcha Sniper, Magic Submitter and Ultimate Demon, Scrapebox, Kontent Machine. And not a whole lot of campaigns for the auto submission softwares - YET!

So for those who have more experience, could you tell me about my plan above? Anything to take note?

Also, I have NO IDEA what to do in terms of setting it all up. Is there any tutorials or videos you can recommend that will show me what is involved in all this setting up? Thanks.


  • Mate, consider a VPS like a normal PC but stationed elsewhere. Somewhere that it can run full time and you can access it remotely whenever you want. That's all it is. You'll use Remote Desktop to connect from windows via the IP address. Once logged in it's like sitting in front of your own PC, but probably with something like Windows Server 2008 running on it. 

    Now with keeping that in mind decide what specs would be needed on a normal PC to run those programs you plan on running and choose your VPS around that. I doubt that a $14 p/month VPS will run those progs of yours simultaneously, and maybe not even just a couple of them at the same time.  
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    Watch this video, its the same one I watched and learned the basics of running a vps




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    Thanks guys. Can I ask what you think about these stats which is selling at $13 (windows VPS):

    VPS Software: SolusVM™ / Xen™
    Memory: 1GB GUARANTEED
    Disk Space: 50GB (RAID BASED CONFIG)
    Bandwidth: 1000GB/MONTH
    IP Addresses: 1 (IPv4) + IPv6
    Management: BASIC MANAGED
    DDOS Protection: CISCO™ GUARD
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    The CPU looks very, very slow.
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    CPU slow, bandwidth limited. With heavy harvest You will eat this quick. I advice to pay more for CPU at least 3,4 on single core, 2 GB ram and unlimited transfer. This will GSA and additional tools normal place to work.

    BTW. Scrape tools - like SB where You start few instances will take all resources, and VPS will restart or die. So first try to recognize what kill VPS and dont overload RAM.

  • Thanks for your help. I guess I may pass the VPS idea at the moment because I'm not willing to spend too much monthly as yet! Everything works fine in my computer so far!

    One more question, I've used TeamViewer to control other people's computers and it's a bit slower than controlling your own. Is it like that when accessing a VPS?
  • get unmetered bandwidth otherwise you will run out of bwd first week

    try bermanhosting or scopehosts
  • Remote Desktop works very fast. Agree with the others, you won't be happy running SEO tools on that $13 one.
  • Beside poweruphosting, is there any good vps service that have good customer support? i mean real 24/7 customer support.

    I have try bermanhosting, and their customer support only available at US time only, i live at Indonesia so i will have to wait 12-24 hours to get their customer support attention.

    now i use trustvm and their customer support was great the the first and now after i buy my 2nd vps, i'm having the same customer support respond time like bermanhosting.
  • @darman82 Our average ticket first ticket respond time is 10 minutes and our average ticket resolve time is 30 minutes, I dunno if you call that slow but no one else would provide you such fast responses. Also, I am online on Skype and on GSA forum for 24x7 but you never contacted me.

    Further, I have already PMed you asking for your details but I haven't received anything from your side yet.
  • Ok, I've got a question. If all I want to run is SER & CS, which host OS do I choose for a VPS? For example, at Berman the choices are Server 03, Server 08 Standard, Server 08 Full, and W7 Ultimate.
  • @TheEditor Windows Server 2008 works perfectly fine and supports almost 99% of the SEO softwares. I currently provide Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition is the best version and supports everything.

    Using Windows 7 isn't a good option because they consume a lot of extra resources.
  • What is difference in memory consumption between R2 and normal 2008, if any?
  • @Eline R2 has a lot of bug fixes as against the normal initial version.
  • This I know, but I ask about memory usage :) Im limited with memory, so would like to choose this system which leave more memory for software.
  • If you are limited with the memory then you need to upgrade your RAM :)

    You can choose either of the OS but stick with Server OS as they consume least extra resources.
  • poweruphosting: your prompt responses here are duly noted. Is there any perceptible difference between Standard and Enterprise?
  • @poweruphosting: if I just want to run GSA Seo ranker and GSA indexer on your VPS, what plan would you recommend? Is Hyper V-lite enough?
  • without even looking at the specs yes;  But to get a more suitable response you kinda need to know your usage.  If you a couple of campaigns start small.  
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