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CB is getting much better

@Sven great work on making CB work better! I'm noticing a better LPM after the recent update. Its breaking mollom captchas like a champ right now, for me.

Is there a guide somewhere about training CB or improving it that I could study so that I might be able to help?

On a side note, I saw it solve one recaptcha earlier just playing around with it :) lol

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  • Awesome thanks! I'll have some free time on my hands soon, so I will study these and hopefully I can help out with it.
  • So if I improve a captcha type's solve rate on my home PC, while using my VPS to post and such, should I just overwrite the GSA CB folder in system x86 to update it with the new settings?
  • @Sven, also when you are working on recaptchas, do you isolate the easier kinds first, or are you just lumping all types together? I'm isolating the easier ones right now to see if I can figure out a good way to break those at least.
  • I also congratulate @Sven why more and more captchas solved, and solved mollon has been a great success.
  • @Sven, thanks for your help. I have been messing with this a bit over the weekend. I've improved a few but I have a lot to learn.
  • @S4nt0s also thank you for those guides. They have been extremely helpful. If there are any others that you know of I could learn from, please show me :)

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