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I am excited about CB



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    "I just wanna know if CB will be free for GSA ser users."

    +1 to that!
  • Anyone testing CB with XR right now?  If not, I'll volunteer. :)
  • Good idea - would be good to see speed + success with CB vs Xr default captcha solving.

  • @Sven I want to integrate CB with my tools right away. Is there any developer docs to do a direct integration not using the DBC services?

    Is there any Affiliate program so I can place a link on my bots?

    Please advice

  • Aww crackers... I just got CS ... I suppose I will run it tandem.

  • All I can add that the SDK (software development kit) in Captcha Breaker is far superior than CS. This is the thing that helps you break captchas yourself.

    I am also very pleased with the dolphin captcha success rate of 70% in CB
  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    I'm not really convinced why someone would run both tools in tandem mode in the long run?

    Reasoning for tandem mode:
    1) self created captchas of CSX are not supported yet
    -> solution: save all captchas to file until you got enough examples to create your own definitions in SDK. additionally you can add unknown captchas with ease, if they are not really fancy ones.

    2) CS will solve some captchas of same type that CB hasn't solved (= gave no answer for)
    -> solution: add another solving process to CB with the definition of CS. all filters (+ some more) are integrated to CB (= if process A don't work use process B for this particular captcha)

    3) split up my projects in SER and run project A with CB and projct B with CS
    -> this is the only reason that convince me to some point, but both tools will steal CPU power from each other and depends on the system you are using. with enough rescources and power it should be working of course.
    but again, I believe that every single captcha definition of CB will be equally good at least in the long run compared to CS and with better speed. because of that i want to save my rescources for CB.

    4) CS will be the safety tool when CB is crashing or not responding
    -> reasonable, but I don't know if thats technically possible without doing more harm than good

    I think the time is better spent when people focus on how to optimise existing captchas + adding new ones than to figure out how  to run both tools at the same time.
  • Thanks for the opinion @Ozz that all makes sense.
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    Is there any spots open on the Beta for CB? I'll be starting 100 guestbook/comment campaigns + 100 incontent campaigns later in the week using prescraped AA lists (probably over 4 servers) so if you need someone to push it to the max then let me know ;)
  • I'm not in the position to answer that question with full authorisation but I know that all requests for beta testing were rejected so far and only very few invited users got a beta copy.
  • is there a ETA for CB?
  • @OZZ Yeah it does have it own captcha engine Ozz. As of now i cant really think of one. Do you think in time captcha breaker could solve KeyCaptcha.
  • @Sven is there anyway i can try the beta version, i am having terrible success with CS

    i will buy this for sure once its out, would love if i can test the beta
  • and GSA eat captcha like a candy, took down 15USD from deathbycaptcha in 10 min :)
  • Interesting, the average solving time is amazing!

    Does this program reports the number of successfully solved captchas ? ( I mean only the amount of captchas solved correctly )

    If yes , can any one of the beta testers share some numbers using SER with CB ?

    Does it have any special features only for GSA SER ? I know that this will be working with SER like a charm as the both programs are from one developer.
  • 80% BUT even with CS it does not mean it was correct. if it was wrong then depending on the retry that you specified it will callback. but not sure it differentiates between an original call or a retry.

    but the way we have been using captcha based on experiences from heavy users, I set my retries to 0 because they have found out that the retry is slowing down the submission. you can make more submissions if you let GSA SER move along if the captcha is wrong.
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    i wish this was released soon... i really want to add it on my machine with nohandsseo, GSA SER, GSA SEO indexer, Captcha sniper, proxy goblin... any way to get on tester list? or any closer eta release date??? 
  • @sootedninjas

    Thanks, but I meant to ask if CB reports the captchas solved correctly or no ? I guess it's like CS in this feature and it only reports the successfully solved ( correct & wrong all together ). I wish to see it reporting the ones that was solved correctly as well. Like we have in Deathbycaptcha and similar captcha services.

    Regard the retry settings , do you mean this apply for CB only ? or for both CB & CS ?

  • hoped there would be a xmas release of CB

    i got some money left over i wanna spend!

  • @mamadou

    Really need to confirmed that. Come to think of it I'm not sure right now because there was a few updates just before x'mas rolled in.

    Applies to both CB & CS for the retry settings.
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