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Indexification or LinkProcessor?

edited June 2014 in Need Help
I am using linkprocessor at the moment and indexing rate is very low. I wanted to know if indexification is any better then this or they are the same thing?


  • Tim89Tim89
    They are both pinging and crawling services, you're better off trying it for yourself.
  • @Tim89 are you still taking orders? Think it's time to get a refund on LP. 
  • I've used both. I'm now happy with InstantLinkIndexer...
  • Tim89Tim89
    @JudderManβ€Œ yes I'm still taking on customers, if you sign up today, I'll throw you my insight/guide on how to maximise your site lists and build more verifieds per day with your order. Has to be a plan over $35.99 though.
  • @Tim89 cool man, need to figure out what package I need. TBH, your guide is what is pulling me towards the service.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @JuderMan be my guest...

    That promo was only meant for yesterday, obtained around 130 new sign ups alone, but I'll throw you the guide today, if purchased today.. Literally, spent alot of time yesterday sending out mails to a hell of alot of people and don't want to devote anymore time in doing so, is the main reason for stopping it anyway, so yeah, for anyone reading this, offer ends close of play today.
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