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List Of Xrumer Supported Platforms

I just came across this list of Xrumer supported platforms at, and while many are already supported by SER someone might find some inspiration from them to add more platforms..


  • SvenSven
    if possible, copy the list into this thread as I can not read on there forum (no account).
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2019
    They had closed the thread in the mean time, but I've had that thread still open in my browser tabs. Nothing special imo, but worth a look when the platform trainer is available to add some russian based platforms for example.
  • SvenSven
    thanks :)
  • Thanks Ozz i had tried to paste it in as well but it came out all weird :)
  • Noname Engines are default guesbooks for Hrefer.

    Ive been running those footprints for about 3 days nows

    & had pretty good results.


  • Despite Kensai's best attempts I'm afraid that is still an incomplete list. It's really tough to determine every engine xrumer will post to stock. That having been said, his list is more complete than most.

    Just an example of what is missing there would be Plogger for instance. Obviously things fall in between the cracks.
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    @Heisenberg: Thanks for providing a link to the site and not just leeching the list
    @Sven: Feel free to register on the site, its free and registration takes less than a minute (unless you are a bot, then it takes forever...)
    @Ozz: We never closed the thread man, its open for everyone. As is the whole forum and its contents.
    @Godoveryou: Thanks for the feedback man. List is not complete and I know it. Its a best effort to put all engines that Xrumer can work by default on a list seeing as the place is full of scattered info and many lists left and right. Its a constant WIP, everyone is free and more than welcome to add to the list. After all list is public and all can benefit from updating it. 

    Hi everyone!
  • Kensai is a good guy for sure!

    @Kensai, given the downloadable nature of your list I wasn't under the impression that there was much room for discussion on contributing to it. That having been said, we know each other from just about every forum that matters (;) ) so I'll fire something over to you elsewhere.
  • Also the 'unnamed' actually have names. ie Pury BSS, Aska etc. but no big deal
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