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Do you want stats like this after just 11 hours of running?

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I tell you what guys, I'm feeling generous so hear me out, Do you want to achieve results like the above? (these stats are only 11 hours of runtime) LPM isn't all about link lists, it also has to do with your SER options, Now if you have the lists but you're still not building at least 50,000 + verifieds per day, then your wasting the potential of those lists/sources and you could be wasting your chances of using your lists on better competitive niches which would yeild much more profits!

Ok ok, wheres the catch? well, There isn't one.

I will email you with my actual SER settings that give me these results with a few hints and tips of my own, if you're a very experienced user, this may or may not help you but if you could do with some guidance on how you can best use this beast of a link building tool, then all you need to do is the following...

SIgn up for any Express Indexer package which is set at or above the $35.99 price range and once you've got the service, send me an email to admin[@] with your username, I will then validate your purchase and send you through the information.

(Please allow upto 24-48 hours to receive your reply)

What you will gain.

- Knowledge on how to properly use your link lists
- My Proxy source (which significantly increases LPM, less download faileds..)
- My SER settings, pictures included.
- A kickass indexing service

Who would this be for?

- Anyone that would like to build a shit ton of links

Who is this not for?

- I guess its for anyone..

The potential of building a huge amount of links should be valuable knowledge for anyone, knowledge is power at the end of the day but sharing is caring, so it is unfortunate that I must "charge" for my guidance but this is how the world works and besides, you're paying for an amazing indexing service anyway, think of this extra info as a welcome pack which is given to you as a thank you for trying out my service.

So, to round up on my special offer, you purchase a indexing package which is at the price of $35.99 or above, you send me an email confirming your purchase, in return I'll send you an email back with info that will get you massive amounts of verifieds per day.

Once you've read the information, you'll be shitting out so many verified links, you'll be needing to upgrade your indexing package, and don't be scared of over building verified links on a daily basis.... I have no daily indexing limit, so build away! Bigger is Better!! Peace.


  • For existing subscribers ? :P
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    edited June 2014
    Hmmm how about just sign up for ANY package regardless of the price and I'll buy a bigger package later if it's really kickarse like you say?
  • Tim89Tim89
    The offer, unfortunately is not negotiable.. it's valuable information none the less and instead of 'selling it' I'm giving it to subscribers that have the mentioned plans..

    Furthermore, it wouldn't make sense supplying information to a user that only builds 15,000 links per month, they would make no use from it and most probably confuse them.

    Annyway... I've gotten a shed load of emails already, I will get back to you all don't worry. @spammasta yes for exisiting customers too, if ofcourse you have one of those plans.

    This isn't something that I will be doing forever, as you can imagine, I've already had around 100 emails requesting the info, so I will be closing it down shortly.
  • I don't know mate but it makes no sense to me you're selling a product with some goodies but excluding sections of the customers.

    For instance, Customer A could be your small but regular customer of the most basic package ($17) for months now but he's not getting your settings info wheareas Customer B could just sign up for that $36 package now and get it all and then run away after a month.

    Anyway best of luck with the requests/sales mate.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    Good point, taken onboard.

    All exisiting customers can request this info, no new sign ups unless above the mentioned amount plans are purchased.

    So, all exisiting customers who subscribed and purchased a package up until yesterday, regardless of price plan, send me an email if you would like the information.

    @bangkoklad Is that better? :)
  • @Tim89‌ you have all your customer emails in your system already. Just send them all the info or some customers who don't have the time to hang out on this forum might be missing out mate :D
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    This isn't an offer for all my customers, this is a GSA SER Forum offer only.. no emails are going out from me lol, I have enough work to do now.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    in 15 hours on a vps! want to know how? Don't miss this opportunity to find out!


    If you can't see the image, it indicates 288,012 submitted and 211,001 verified links so far, pictures are included in the guidance email.
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    How long did it take you to build such big verified list?
  • Subscribed and email sent.

  • Tim89Tim89
    Finally, all emails should have been sent now, there were quite a few so if I missed anyone out please email me!

    I can't keep doing this lol so I'm going to stop this offer and end it after today.
  • Tim89Tim89
    280,800 verified links in 20 hours, will most likely finish over 300,000 links built for today on a VPS.

  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited June 2014
    @tim89 emailed you ;)
  • @tim89,bought the package,and emailed you
  • Hi Tim
    Just signed up and shot you a email look forward to your info
  • @tim89, signed up and sent you email. please kindly check.
  • @tim89, i just bought the biggest package. please activate me and also send me the secret offer for increasing the LPM. My transation id 1FJ7593xxxxxxxxxx
  • Tim89Tim89
    Anyone here waiting for the guide, PLEASE email me... admin[@]

    YOU must email me with your username and I will reply with the guide, if you don't email me, you will not get the guide from me..
  • @tim89 - sent you an email.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2014
    Thanks @RayBan I think I've replied to all emails now.

    Guys, please take this as an announcement, This offer seems to just keep on going with more and more people registering and purchasing accounts then emailing me.. Today is the last day, This means for anyone who is not in the GMT timezone, please make note of the day/time before you email me requesting my guide.

    it is now 12:25PM in the United Kingdom, This promo will literally end in 12 hours time from now, Please understand that if you purchase a package tomorrow, or in 13 hours, you will not be sent the guide, this guide will be going into the recycle bin on my desktop after 12 hours.

    Also, please understand that if you do decide to purchase in, lets say, 11 hours time, I may be away from keyboard therefore you will need to wait for the following morning before I am able to send you the guide, all you need to do is purchase a package and send me an email, that's all and I will get to everyone.
  • edited July 2014
    Hey @Tim89 just purchased and sent you an email.
  • Bought and emailed :)
  • Bought and emailed, thanks.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2014
    Ok peeps, considering this offer was extremely successful, I shall re-open it again until the end of the week, offer is extended until Sunday 6th July.

    Just to show you how many links you could potentially be building, take a look at my install below.

    Screenshot shows just over 10 hours of linkbuilding.

    So, again, the offer is only for people that have signed up and purchased a package starting from $35.99 (Express PInk or above) plan.

    What to do to obtain your free guide?

    - Register at
    - Activate your account
    - Purchase a package ($35.99 or above)
    - Email me at Admin @ with your username for confirmation of purchase

    Please take note, your payment must be processed by paypal first, before I send out the guide, I receive all your notifications so don't worry, only expect a reply once your payment has gone through. (PayPal can take a little while to process payments but I would appreciate your patience and ask that you only email me if I have not sent you the guide once your payment has been confirmed.)

    Happy building!
  • What are further costs of this ?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @dcn I don't understand? There isn't any further costs involved other than what is said on my post..
  • Thank you for reply. Regarding "free guide" how much more do I need to pay to have results ?
  • @tim89 Awesome info here.
    Can you share your Gscraper proxies as well ;)

  • Tim89Tim89
    @cefege thank you :)

    @dcn If you already own CB + SER and some proxies, there is no other charge... This guide is simply here for my customers, that's all.. it's not selling anything.
  • Damn, can't believe I missed this.
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