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Licorne AIO: Did I make a mistake??

Hi guys,

I know this is a GSA SER forum. I posted that title because I just bought Licorne AIO a couple of days ago. I'm not a complete newbie to SEO, but I've been out of the game for a few years and have just recently started paying attention again. I came across Licorne AIO for an amazing price and thought "hell, this is pretty bad a**!" When I stopped working on SEO related stuff, Senuke was the only game in town and it was over $100 a month, so I thought Licorne was a steal.

Anyway, shortly after buying, I started finding all this stuff about GSA SER and how fantastic it is...and it's cheap too! So, my question to you guys is, did I make a mistake? Should I have bought GSA SER instead? Would it be worth my money go ahead and buy it? Does Licorne do the exact same thing? Do I need both? Sorry, I'm just out of the loop and want to make sure I'm getting the best stuff.

Thanks! Amazing forum here by the way!



  • ronron
    edited June 2014

    Nothing compares to GSA SER. Way, way better than SENuke. I owned them all including AIO (which I returned by the way because it was so limited). I have all sorts of software collecting dust, including Ultimate Demon (which I wish I would have returned as well).

    Get GSA SER + GSA CB, and don't look back. Been doing this stuff 16 years. Best investment you will ever make. Period.

  • What ^^ says, but you can create Web2.0 with Licorne can't you?  I looked at it a few years ago but I remember it being v buggy.

    Anyway, SER doesn't do Web2.0 unless you get SERengines (I think that's the correct name), but if the web2.0 creation works in Licorne, you could use it to build those at least.
  • Thanks for your responses guys.

    Yes, davbel, you can use Licorne for Web 2.0 I believe. However, Ron and I had a PM exchange last night and he mentioned Rankwyz. Have you used Rankwyz as well?
  • kottke yes licorne is a bug fest. Get SER and CB and Rankwyz/FCS .Rankwyz can keep you covered in web2.0s while SER can do the rest.
  • Anyone want to buy my Licorne license lol j/k? I'm so upset with myself for not researching this a little better first. I thought I was getting a good deal!

  • kottke  there is no refund policy ?
  • ronron
    I just checked. Wow. They changed it. No refunds.
  • Wonder why hehe
  • @kottke both Rankwyz and FCS.  Both good, but in different ways. Either would be a good option although I think FCS is better at creating the accts than Rankwyz is, but in saying that Pavel realised a new acct creator last week, but I haven't been able to test it yet.

    If the Rankwyz acct creator doesn't work you can always buy accts, but I hate having to do that when you pay monthly for the service.

  • Yeah, no refunds. I should have known better.

    @davbel..I haven't checked out FCS yet, but I will. Rankwyz looks pretty good. Would Licorne not suffice for making Web 2.0 sites? Or are Rankwyz and FCS that much better?  I'd like to get some use out of the damn thing.
  • I'd give it a go and see what you get.  If it will create web2.0s and then post to them, you might as well use it as you've paid for it.
  • Does GSA do Wikis? If not, maybe I could use Licorne for Web2.0s and Wikis, to get some value out of it. I realize that I'm over thinking this, but I am a tightwad and have to justify my purchase to myself :-).
  • ronron
    Yes, SER does wikis. And articles. And social network. AIO's best use would be Web2.0's.
  • Alright fellas.........I bit the bullet! I'm the proud new owner of GSA SER and GSA CB! I knew it would eat at me until I bought them, so I just got it over with.

    I really appreciate your feedback on everything.

    @ron had mentioned to me that there are some turorials. I think I found those here:

    Is there anything else I should know before I get started? Does anyone have any good examples of setting up a comprehensive Tiered campaign? I've see Matthew Woodward's video, but I was wondering if any of you all know of others?

    Thanks again so much! I'm glad to be joining the community.

  • ronron
    Oh God, where do I begin:

    Then you are going to need a crash course on all the settings. Get them free at: Advanced SER Tips
    (You don't need to buy anything. Just subscribe, and you will set so many tutorials your head will spin - and you will thank me later).

    Give that a go first, and then come back with questions.

    Lastly, start fake campaigns. The software has a lot of buttons. Don't take any chances when you start out. Make fake campaigns to Yahoo or Wikipedia, and learn what to do.

    We pretty much get proxies at You need private proxies. Otherwise you will flail. Just start with 10. Crawl before you walk.

    I would recommend emails next. There's a seller here I really like: It's a fiverr gig. Get $5 worth, which is a great start.

    Start playing with your new toys, and take it slow. Focus on the tutorials. You now have the advantage no one had when they started with this software. Good luck.

    By the way, you made an A+ decision. No regrets with what you did. Now you are off to a wonderful start. Knock 'em dead!

  • You guys are awesome over here. Thank you so much. Ron, especially, thank you for your help both on here and on the PM exchange we've been having. I'll get started with my "homework" right away. Who cares that it's almost 1:00 AM where I live, right?!
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