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some questions for running gsa for beginner

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I bought gsa for some days

however,i dont use it now, i have a few questions here, hope you can help me!

1.i find the bermanhosting is cheap and running well, i want to have a test, which Operating Systems should i choose?(i never buy andy vps before),do you recomand any other better vps? i need private proxy for it? beside buyproxy, do you have any good proxy for it? if i use the public proxy, could i get lost of success links?

3.i want to link direckly to my money site building before panda. any advices?

4.I dont know how to build first tier for qauility links, i can use magic sbumitter, senukex and other seo tools, could you give me some detail advice for building first tier?

thanks very much !


  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    1. windows 2008 rc2

    2. proxy-hub or errsy. successrate with public proxies will decrease significally, but you will get some links with them. it depends what type of platforms you like to create links for and how many links you like to create for your project. if you are less ambitious than public proxies will work fine

    what kind of first tier you like to build is up to your own. once the platform trainer of SER is ready and the community help to add/fix some of those Web 2.0 than it should be no problem (hopefully) to built your tier 1 with SER as this is the most flexible tool around. but nothing will built you better sites than your hands and brain.
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