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When Should I Use Delete Target URL History?

When is it a good time to use this function? If I use my list and it fully runs through it, would it be good to delete target URL history before importing it again?


  • ronron
    edited June 2014

    Just don't do it on T1's. If you ever got in a situation where you needed to reverse out links because of a penalty, you would be screwed.

    That said, I do it all the time on junk tiers, because those are not being built directly to the moneysite.

  • So deleting target URL history allows posting on the same sites again even if we don't have the option checked in our projects?
  • ronron


  • and how exactly can you do that, posting on the same sites again?
  • Better question I guess is what's difference in practice between allow posting on same site via delete target history - it both allow to post on same site again?
  • ronron
    @vuli and @busek - Depending on the websites...In some cases, you just need a different email. In other cases, you just need to tick that box. In other cases, deleting history prevents SER from saying "Oh, I already left a link on that website".

    Just remember, when you delete history, you are playing with fire. There is no turning back. You will never be able to remove those links if needed. I am simply answering the OP's question here. I am not advocating doing this.
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    But it is relatively safe doing it on junk tiers right? When deleting history do you also delete the created accounts data as well?
  • ronron
    @GoreMay - Exactly. You totally get it and I can tell. I just want to make sure that people don't run around with this type of thing like a monkey with a gun, lol.
  • Tim89Tim89
    +1 ron
  • Hey @ron I know this is a bit off topic but since you are very experienced in SEO I might as well ask. 

    How many tier 1 links do you recommend sending to your site a day? I am building only contextual links for my tier 1's but I am a bit unsure about how many I should send per day. There are some people that say 5-10 a day is enough, but there are other people that send thousands of contextual links every day. My website has medium competition with around 30k searches/month.

  • ronron

    I don't want to get pinned in on an answer here, but you stated two very obviously different strategies: steady freddy vs. churn and burn. I do both, and it depends on the niche.

    I always start low and gradually increase on the steady approach. I start at 3-5 per day in the beginning, and build up from there. I just don't bust balls when doing the steady deal. I view it as (hopefully) a site that will stick in rankings. If I screw it up, or G doesn't like it, I move it to the C&B program.

    There's other stuff I do outside of SER, so you need to hit a bunch of forums and sift through the various techniques.

  • Nice answer, any other opinions from other people?
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