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Thread count not consistent

I ram up the thread count in my GSA 500, but I noticed that the software is not consistently maximizing the requested 500 threads. It fluctuates anywhere from low 200s to high 400s, rarely does it reach the 500 that I want.

1. what would have made such a swing and what can I do to make sure the thread count remained consistently where I want them to be at 500?


  • First of all, it would be great if you share your PC's configuration, the number of proxies you are using and the number of projects working at the same time :)
  • StoimenIliev, my pc is 13.6ghz, 4gb ram. Am on 100 semi-dedicated proxies from And I am running 15 projects with a total of about 200 or so target URLs, these are tier 1 URLs that I manually insert into GSA as target URLs. I am building tier 1a, tier 2 onwards based off @ron's tiered structure.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Are you using link lists or are you scraping & posting
  • How many projects are you running? I found this too when running just one or two projects, but when I add one or more projects so I have 3+ running in maxes it out (I run at 800 threads).

    I guess each project can only use a certain amount of threads - I use lists and private proxies.
  • @Tim89, I am using bought lists from members of this forum, high verified lists.

    RuFFCuT, I am running 15 projects, with a total of about 200 or so target URLs.
  • You are hitting either server or bandwidth limitations. You may need a better server or more bandwidth. Do you have 50 Proxies for 500 threads? That's what I would recommend. You may also have slow proxies.
  • ronron
    I was going to say that depending on the tasks that SER is doing, threads will always fluctuate, and that is normal. I don't think I have ever had a situation where my threads were maxed out all day - some of the day - but not all day. 
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