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Anyone else notice web 2.0 blogs are not being indexed?

I've been building web 2.0's manually for a about a month now, but havent built any links to them yet. None are indexed, even from pr 7-9 blogs, like, tumblr etc. Some being built with GSA as well and SER Engines addon.

Anyone else noticing google is not indexing many things it used to without forcing it?


  • ronron
    edited June 2014
    @inthezone - It won't index just because it is a premium property. There are too many pages on the internet. You have to build backlinks or send it to an indexer.
  • They used to get indexed quickly, even this year. I've been building web 2's for years now.. Brand new wordpress websites I am building are being indexed within a couple days, with nothing else done, so I doubt theres "too many pages on the internet."

    I built a web 2 on about a DUI attorney service about 6-7 months and it was indexed within a a day or two.

    Why would brand new websites be indexed by google within a few days, but not a page from a subdomain on a high PR/DA website if there too many pages on the internet?

    Anyone else? I'm just wondering if google is ignoring certain things now.

  • If I'm not mistaken, WordPress has this plugin called Google XML sitemap which automatically ping Google every time there's new content added to your site which explains why sites of such platform get indexed relatively quickly. But I'm not too sure about other web 2.0 platforms.
  • ronron

    Everything has changed in Google the past 12 months. They don't update pagerank anymore like they used to. Web2's don't index like they used to. People don't rank easily like they used to. I don't consider it 'forcing it' to build backlinks, create an RSS feed, submitting a sitemap, etc. I consider that normal behavior that any webmaster would do. 

    Trust me, there are too many pages on the internet. The Google index is a library. There is only so much shelf space. You don't get a parking spot in Google just because you showed up. I'm not sure what the point of the question is?

  • I generally need to build backlinks to my web 2's to get them to index, but they still index fairly easily when you fire SER at them.
  • you guys suck, for real. You play with GSA and think you are an SEO? What's the point of responding when you just dont know and you make up some crap to make yourself seem knowledgeable.

    I stopped posting on forums long ago because of dumb people who use the internet to look smart. Gave GSA forum a try. FAIL

    So I did what I've always done, just went and tested it. I built a web 2 and a blogger on 06/19, both are indexed as of 6/21 when I tested with scrapebox., fc2, and tumblr are still being ignored. take it for what it is or wipe your ass with it. I don't care either way.
  • Tim89Tim89
  • What's the point of starting a thread and then slagging off people for trying to at least give you help then?

    Of course nobody knows for certain the answer to your exact problem/question that's why they try and give an explanation based on their own experience.

    Don't bother starting a thread like this again if you still have this kind of attitude issue. Just my 2 cents :)>-
  • For some hosting providers they're monitored by alot of websites and everytime a new domain gets send to them it's published on about 10-30 websites therefor indexes rather quickly.
    I just found this out myself when my site got indexed without any made links.
  • I built tumblr, wordpress, weebly and squidoo web 2.0 in june 2nd week all are indexed except squidoo. Youtube videos i created are indexed but they are not ranking for a low competition keyword. I think youtube won't rank easily now. Indexed i mean they are cached by google.
  • this thread delivers .
  • vkp1988vkp1988
    To be honest i don't see any difference before 30days ago and now . My affilates are still going with SER web2.0 and indexing fine.I think you should building backlinks to your 2.0s. 
  • azpazp
    edited June 2014
    I know from guys on other forum that youtube vids rank pretty easy , in fact many noobs start with ranking vids , not websites.
    Web 2.0 are not indexing as good as they were month ago. The biggest as wordpress, blogspot, can ran  without links, but on many other i see problems with indexation, not to mention ranking.
  • @inthezone the only thing that sucks here is you and your SEO skills, my tier one exist out of all the major web2.0 properties and they all index within a week, i could tell you how i do that.... but i have a real problem with your attitude, so i am not. 
    Good luck with your web2.0 problems
  • @PaulieP

    would love to know your T1 stratergy ,I'am not arrogant BTW :P
  • edited June 2014

    :))    3:-O  =))
  • I've noticed that none of my submitted Web 2.0s by GSA are being verified. Are any of you guys having success with this? I'm using heavily spun content from articles made by WAC and other highly recommended article creators. 

    Thanks in advance
  • I just built out 250 web 2.0s. from weeblys, tumblrs, and wordpress. all manually,
    the past 6 weeks. 245 of them are all indexed. only 5 that are not. 

    I had about 15 of them not indexed, and used scrapebox rapid indexer to index them.
    Got me down to 5 not indexed. But all of these web 2.0s are not new, all have a 
    moz with 3.1 or higher, so it could be the 5 are not indexed because they were abused,
    and de-indexed in google. There all tumblrs that are not indexed. the 5 anyway. 

  • Yes, it's true. I am also facing the same issue. 

    Can anybody tell how to index web 2 sites easily?

    Does it affect any negative on long-term sites, if I use paid indexer?
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