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Why the speed is decreasing so fast?

When i start the ser i get to 150 LpM then after a few minutes it decreases to 30/40. Why?


  • is probably a bandwidth cap from your vps provider
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    I have unmetered bandwidth
  • unmetered means that you aren't paying for the bandwidth, but it has a limit and as soon you start to consume a lot, you get limited so you won't affect the other vps users on the same node
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    i got a dedicated server and the speed decreases even worst, it works for a few minutes with very high speed but then it drops to ~20 links submitted and 3 links verified per minute! CPU is at 0-5%, threads 2 and eventually it will STOP COMPLETELY. I'm pretty sure it's not from the bandwidth, i have 4 cores 8 threads, 8gb ram, 1gbs internet speed and it's working worst than with 1 core 512gb ram and 10mb internet speed. I tried multiple settings but no luck
  • Post screenshot of all your setting here if you want get any help.
  • i made some changes and it's working fine atm, i'll put if this happens again
  • kindly let us know the change you did @andreig03
    i am having issues with lpm as well
  • i didn't fixed sh*t, it's still decreasing but after ~1 day
  • if you download this the speed is decreasing in time ?
  • buyproxiesorg it gives me an error when i try to open the archive
  • @andreig:

    Have you upgraded SER to the latest version? It may solve your problem.
  • andreig03 you don't have to open, you just have to download it and see if the download speed is decreasing in time. If yes, it means that you server provider is limiting you 
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    it's working ok guys, i run 1000 threads with ~100 LpM. It was decreasing because i was running only 1 youtube video project but with 15 tier 2 and 15 tier 3 projects it's working fine. This wasn't happening on my old vps, with 30 project or 1 the speed was the same. Now I try to figure out why it's working slow with yt videos
  • hmm i got similiar problem. I start SER and it posting like crazy, but constantly decresing speed till it reach ~19 LPM. Im using it on my PC. Could it be my ISP issue? I didnt have it before and im running SER for months.
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    I'm seeing a VERY slow rate of links per minute as of the latest update.

    I made a brand new project and it did 1,000 links and then went down to 7 links per minute.

    I have a massive list and on a very fast server.

    Anyone else seeing slow posting?

    Like make 7? update versions ago....GSA was running very fast for me.

    <<edit>> I'm down to 1.44 link per minute after building only 1,000 links. No filters and all engines selected.  Using private proxies and all best reccomendations to make it fast.
  • Hiya I get the same problem but I would imagine I've just set something up wrong :)

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    Well for me I tried tons of settings, and lately had help from one of the well known GSA forum member on teamviewer (tnx!), and my LPM is still broken (starting very well to decrease to constant 25 LPM now - no more or less). wierd. I run out of ideas
  • I have same, but I use contextual posting (lpm about 8)
  • I use both and that's why it bothers me. 

    Maybe @Sven could tip what could be a problem? It feels like SER is limited to 20-30 LPM for me. No matter how many threads i use. It starts strong (with 100+ LPM), and decrease to ~25LPM to run it that way for the rest of the day.. Didnt have that problem on my PC so its not the hardware matter. Something with ISP, proxies? 
  • Yup my lpm drop realy2 low this time, dont know why....
  • Are you guys using a clean list, not to brag or anything but i have the same problem on a bigger scale (from 900LMP to 150LMP with one hour) but that is because my list excist of dirty scraped targets that i am cleaning right now.
    If your list is clean than there is another problem, but if you use the GSA scraping or you have scraped a list that isn't clean it will hurt LPM. This is a great way from @ron to clean a list
    Also have you checked of the engines that your not using anyway?

    When you go to options>>> advance>>> tools >>>>show stats>>>verified list.

    There you can see what platforms have no targets, now if you deselect every platform that hasn't have a lot or no targets it will also be great benefit for your LPM

  • I'm seeing a constant 60 -70 lpm on my vps as Im limited with cpu I cant get over 250 threads. Right settings and right list make all the difference!
  • I have a couple of lists from SERlists running only contextual on article / social network / wik platforms and I don't get above 20 LpM ever. I have 55 dedicated proxies and CB with ocr for recaptcha. 

    I'm going to test the same settings on a more powerful computer to see if that helps.
  • PaulieP i don't know if it's clean or not. Thing is SER is running fast at start, then it slowing down till 25-30 LPM. And then after night "cooldown" (i am only using it ~12h/daily) it starts posting crazy (in theory from the same point that it coudnt pass 25LPM). Run like this for 10 mins or something till it reach 25-30 LPM. That's why i wonder what is my bottle neck :(
  • @LeadK try to clean your list with the tip from @ron i showed in my above post
  • Maybe its your proxies.. Try turning off your proxies for 1 hour and see if the speed is decreasing like before...
  • According to solidseovps they are fine. I dont know, i got lots of download errors and stuff like that, but probably everyone gets them. Currently I am on 3 LPM... I am scraping with Gscraper as SER returning with 0 targets moslty, maybe i dont have luck finding targets
  • ronron
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    If people are having a problem with LPM getting very slow, I advise them to create a very simple test...

    Create one bogus project that makes links to Wikipedia or Yahoo. Have no limits on the #of links, no filters, have every platform and engine checked, bring in new emails, fill in the data fields with whatever spins - essentially the spam project from hell.

    When you are totally convinced it is the spammiest project ever built, then clone it 9 times. Make sure you stick in fresh emails in all of these spam projects.

    Turn off all real projects, click the LPM bar to reset the statistics, and then activate those 10 spam projects and hit Start. You should see a huge LPM going on. If you do, then you know it is all about your settings in your real projects. If the LPM sucks, then it must be the equipment, the VPS/internet service, or something as simple as not using private proxies - in other words, a more mechanical issue.
  • @ron yes i did something similiar and it seems the problem is with my proxies / ISP i guess. I am getting lots of SockError: Connection Refused Error / Download Failed. I imported verified list of targets and this not helped at all. I dont even use much filters. 
  • ronron
    @LeadK - I totally ignore that message. Come on dude. I have that splattered all over my logs and I am getting 450 LPM and building 200,000 verified per day. It has nothing to do with your ability to make a link. Ignore it. 
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