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Verify Function Deletes Valid Links

edited August 2012 in Need Help

I just went into (Show URLs > Verified > Verify).  Just as a check, I clicked on some of the 'red' URL's' which were no longer supposed to be there. The problem is that I found a number of these links still there.

I went through about 10 of these and found about 3 links still there. Has anyone else checked that out?


  • SvenSven
    Would be nice if you can post some samples.
  • ronron

    I'm happy to send some to you privately. However, the easiest way to see what I am saying is to verify the verified links.

    Once you have a clean 'green' list, re-verify them. Some of those green ones will turn red. Check out those red ones. You will probably be very surprised to see that most are all there.

  • OzzOzz
    edited August 2012
    What proxies are you using? Maybe some of them got burned by google so the links turn red due to bad proxies? I'm just guessing though
  • ronron

    Using 30 buyproxies*org. I check them regularly in SB to make sure they're all google approved. I would love to check your theory out because that is an interesting angle, but the verify function doesn't reveal the proxies being used - so I can't verify if that is the issue.

    In scrapebox for example, I have gone back after verifying links, saved the 'not found' into a separate file, verified that file, and found links. Maybe it is the nature of the beast when you use highly automated tools.

    I would encourage others to just give it a shot to see what I am saying - after you verify and get an all-green list, go back and re-run that same list. Some will drop out as red, but the links will still be there.

    It would be nice to export the failed ones as a discrete file, and then re-run them, and save the good ones back to the original file - kind of the way you can do it with SB.

    I don't mind losing the ocassional link (like forum profiles, comment links, etc.), but I really don't want to throw away articles with anchor text embedded - those are the most valuable properties for tier building. 

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