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Should I chose ExpressIndexer or InstantLinkIndexer?

What do you guys think is the best.
I need to chose the service that offers the biggest indexing %.


  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Used them all and and finally stayed with the last one in GSA SER list - Link Processor
  • Express if you want good stuff.

    I really dont know how others stay in business considering the end result is same as using RPC pings.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Thank you @spammasta‌ it really is cool when somebody recommends my service for what it is and for what it can do better than others, appreciated and also it's nice to see someone else expressing my same opinions about other services available here :D

    I didn't want to post on this thread for the reason that I didn't want to sway anybodies decision.

  • edited June 2014
    Express Indexer mate.. I see great performance in indexing links from this service... ;-)
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