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I need to skip sizes captcha

No type captcha (recaptcha) is solved by CB, why would process it in CB?

Not worth to deselect (recaptcha) many types for you an example in drupal article 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 characters show different types of captcha.

If deselected drupal 3 characters, this usually captchas have many different sizes, (recaptcha) may be 50%, the other 50% are captchas that if you can solve CB in a high percentage.

Could be an option where everyone could choose a size for my serious 300x57, CB is extra work for you can not solve and often fails, causing the following presentation is more complicated.

Took several days deselecting engines showing high number of (recaptcha) or clones thereof.

They ask you many new options, and this is just not an option for me, I think the more advanced users will know I appreciate it, create a flow to solve captchas without creating extra requests.

I want to present in CB only what can solve a good percentage and the rest skip to different services SER.

I see no logical process to make that kind of captchas and unavoidably is easy to specify a size.

LA option "only for hard captchas" just send (Recaptcha) mollon and solvemedia, No clones (Recaptcha) or not identified as such, but have in common the size 300x57

I thought that if an engine in the SDK did not add the size 300x57, I would jump, but still going although not specified in your. INI SDK, however much we seek creative solutions to do this, I get nothing, only what your you can solve.

One last question. IF your @Sven I show a new version of CB, to update it, I lose all settings deselected engines?, Is that there is no option to save your selection of skipped or sent to the service.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Sven is still on vacation for a couple of days and should be back soon:
  • ok thanks did not know, I hope you relax and have fun. I hope you take into consideration my request.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    It isn't me, it's Sven (the developer) and he'll be back in a few days :)
  • SvenSven
    Im sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say. You want to skip all captcha with a variable captcha size in definition?
  • Yes, that's, I want to be able to discriminate Captchas for size. Could be defined or defined by the user. In my case it would be 300x57. And do not leave for nothing in CB, just to see what it tries to solve captchas and look better on the SDK.

    I honestly would make life much easier, and would avoid failure resolution that would give me then harder captchas.

    CB works fine and is very efficient for some types of captcha, but unfortunately 0% in reCAPTCHAs and the like. The problem is trying to solve and gives false positives.

    I appreciate your attention.

  • SvenSven
    You can use the popup menu and search for captchas with a certain size. Then the highlickted can be unchecked and they will no longer be solved.
  • That is not the solution. I already do, but it turns out there are some engines that have different sizes as captchas ELGG, Drupal and many others.

    These engines get the same simple captcha recaptcha they give you a clone, if you disable it for all not just for one size.

    There are engines in the configuration of the SDK does not have the size of 300x57, but it turns out that 30% of the time if it is a recaptcha to 300x57 if I turn off the engine lose 70% if you can solve CB.

    Not everyone who uses Wordpress using the same type of captcha, some use a type and others use recaptcha, there is no uniformity in the captchas, so that size would be perfect to skip.

    It is such a useful function that I ask and yet so simple that you do not see why not you see useful.

    I let several catches, really great presence recaptcha and clones, and see 2 characters such sizes drupal hosting




  • edited June 2014
    Drupal 4 characters have a lot of sizes, if you turn off the engine to skip this end I have to pay for DBC.

    You do not give the option to remove by size, and I'm only asking for one, which also would ask for my clone I Mollon not size.

    Your fijate capture my HD folders as a single engine has so many sizes, jump size only serves to truly optimize CB
  • edited June 2014

    What you tell me @Sven ago days that I've been doing, looking from where in his majority and deselected engines, even so keep coming many, it is impossible to skip them if not for size, I leave a small catch, but I skipped as 35-40 engines recaptcha showing in its most

    I can not put everything in a catch so it is an example


  • By size only detects 4 I leave in the capture, using the search popup size of CB. The option you tell me no good.image

  • SvenSven
    You enabled to solve unknown captchas. Thats the whole problem. Just disable it.
  • I just did what you told me, but this has two problems.

      1 - Not all unknow are 300x57, and the possibility that CB to try the easiest captchas is lost.

    2 - Even unchecking not solve unknown, I keep coming out. Less than before but still coming

    I let you catch me leaving the CB, and that I just disable recommended by you @ Sven, but I remember that not all unknow are 300x57




  • @Sven in CB upstairs where the marked or unmarked engines in the unknown section, there are many unmarked sizes, but none for 300x57 simply ask that
  • The option you have given me the'm testing the resolve not unkown, not perfect but may help. See my previous screenshots because some keep coming even with the option unchecked
  • I just reactivate everything but (recaptcha, solvemedia and mollon), marking everything else, I lost days of work unchecking. 

    Although check "not resolve unknown" recaptcha still appear clones identified as another platform, are not unknown, they are rather confused by others and unknown pass filter. 

    I again have to look for hours CB again return to uncheck engines. I can not allow bad answers to these captchas sometimes because you never succeeds and makes it more difficult in subsequent requests. 

    @Sven test your solution and see CB
  • SvenSven

    I have a hard time understanding your english sorry.

    Anyway you use the option to tread unchecked captchas as not present , may I ask why?

  • yes use option is marked


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