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★☭ GSA (Sven) on Holiday (1st June - 10th of June) ☭★

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Hello everyone. It's time (again) for a small break (1st June - 10th of June) for me and my family. This means for you:

  1. No big updates - even though I try, I might not be able to get online from where I am in my holidays.
  2. Advanced users, please help others who have (yes, sometimes stupid) questions and problems.
  3. Please search the forum (maybe using google - keyword Most likely your question has been answered before.
  4. Problems with licenses should not be discussed on a public forum. Redirect your question to our email - info < at > gsa - online [.] de .
  5. Try not to private message me during this time; use the forum as people might be able to help you then.
  6. For any forum moderations message @s4nt0s (e.g. those annoying nike spammers).

I hope to be back on 11th of June. Till then please relax. I try to handle all support queries and issues (hopefully not that many) when Im back.


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    Have a nice time.
  • Will you be able to fix this before you go?

    Its causing huge problems for anyone submitting to recpatcha platforms.
  • make it sticky and close this thread .
  • SvenSven
    @Spamtastic it's not that easy actually. The thread topic is not that right anyway. Proxies are used, just that G. made some changes to always display a hard to solve captcha now as it protects things better with there javascript. 
  • goonergooner
    @Sven, a holiday? I demand to know who authorised this? lol
    Have a great time pal and a well deserved rest :D
  • I genuinely thought you only hanged out in front of your computer lol.

    Anyway hope you have a smashing time!
  • @Spamtastic, it's a blessing in disguise for me. My OCR recaptcha solving service seems to solve blob recaptchas better than the new font recaptchas. No one has "cracked" the new font recaptchas yet, so I'm not complaining, "yet". And happy holiday @Sven! Have a good one!...
  • Have a nice time mate..
  • Gute Reise!
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    Have a great one Sven
  • @sven have a nice holiday trip ;)
  • SvenSven
    Thanks for all your warm words. Will miss most of you :)
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    Have a nice time mate =)
  • Have a nice time!
  • How dare you take some time off?????
    This guy is crazy, I demand my money back!

    (just kidding)
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    Have a great time off.
  • Enjoy your time! We will survive :D
  • Enjoy your break.
    Thanks again for your great software
  • Viel Spaß! 
  • Your family deserve to get "update" also @Sven, not only your GSA SER.

    Have a great holiday!
  • Have a great time Sven. You deserve it!
  • KaineKaine
    A good relaxing family there anything better ... even if a good barbecue with friends is not bad either. 

    I wish you a good holiday Sven.
  • Have great hollidays.

  • Have a nice holiday,we just got back from a great week in Turkey ;)
  • SvenSven

    OK Im back! I already managed to answer like 1000 emails yesterday evening and now Im going through the forum and try to answer that.

    Please be patience because more than 10 pages of new/updated  threads have to be read and answered.

    And thanks for every one answering and helping solve issues. Also thanks for the wished...Holiday was great and hopefully Im back to coding in a few days when everything is sorted.

  • Prepare for a tsunami of awesomeness everybody.
  • Welcome back Sven!
  • great to hear that you are back friend hopefully enjoyed ;)

    If possible share some cool pics ;)
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