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Captcha tronix, do not use!!

Yesterday I thought of trying again captcha tronix that probe days ago with very bad results. As many are talking about this captcha system tronix, because I ask myself if something had gone wrong.

In my new setup CB goes first, but I recptchas and unchecking all clones (300x57), Mollon and Solve average, but not by name. there are many engines that use CB Rcaptcha but not detected as such and try to solve it. I spend the day looking at these engines CB to clear that 80% of the time or more are reCAPTCHAs.

After this Spamvilla CB and Reverseproxies OCR. I tronix a captcha to determine whether it does well or not, I set it in CB, CB so tell me if you have solved it by using the extra service or in this case tronix captcha.

It is very embarrassing. Captcha tronix solves very few and all or nearly all it solves is erroneous manner. First he tries CB and if you can not send it to TRONIX if no CB has not solved Tronix will do it and if it does will be wrong.

I say this after many hours watching and seeing CB tells me TRONIX recognized but are poorly resolved.

conclusion. if you're not renting Tronix CB, and if you have CB and Swoop. It is shameful to see that as almost 100% of what is wrong resolve, that solves nothing that CB jump, so now after this second test, still recommend NOT USE TRONIX CAPTCHA

Spamvilla = reCAPTCHAs (and soon many more, but hopefully not stop recaptcha side because then there will be interesting)

reverseproxies OCR = mollon, media and everything that solve CB can not

DBC, for everything else

Askmebot for questions

and that's my setup.

My idea was that even came less captchas to DBC and thus pay less for CPM. But Tronix is ​​no serious solution seems more a joke with a good design, but as OCR is not worth anything.


  • I dont think it is fair to rate a service yet since recaptcha came out with a new update yesterday. Give it a week or two, codera are human as well they need time to do it and they have a life to carry on as well
  • Use it a week ago and was just as bad, remove the newspaper paypal payment.

    Well has recaptcha never met, for that we have Spamvilla or reverseproxies

    Leaving the issue of recaptcha aside, does not solve either the captchas others, if CB can not solve it, tronix neither can, if it's so easy as putting Tronix as serivio CB and see your answers or do not know or give a poor response very normal captchas.

    Wear over a week analyzing how to improve my LPM not up the threads and if optimizing the entire process of resolution of captchas.

    Luckily we have CB to post it as a service and check your answers failed, no matter who resolved all, what matters is that he does wrong, whatever the type of captcha that CB can not solve, nor can tronix.

    CB is a single payment and resolves better than Tronix, we Recaptcha and others.

    I know it has been a change in recaptcha, but that does not justify Tronix so bad with any recaptcha

    It's much better globally (reverseproxies OCR).

    Not so Trust you me or what someone says, do it, put Tronix as service in CB and set CB to skip reCAPTCHAs, that gets at tronix all captchas less (Recaptcha), you see what I say, not hits anything, everything fails, what steps has already solved CB and how difficult it can not solve Tronix.

    Taking CB, tronix worthless.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Sounds like you have your answer from your own testing:

    • if CB can not solve it, tronix neither can
  • I tested also.. Had about 20% - 30% success rate.. I am using MegaOcr for a long time and it seems to be a lot better.. About 70% - 80% for everything CB cant solve..
  • MegaOCR is very slow, I prefer reverseproxies, one thing is also that of a solution and one that is successful. Megaocr have high false positive rate
  • Yes i agree.. But still better than tronix.. Can you share the success rate percentage for reverseproxies as shown in CB ?
  • Maybe one day Sven may implement a counter that tells you the "actual success rate" of each captcha solving service. No more guessing work,
  • I have not come to measure the success rate of reverseproxy, I have to try it, so if it is what gives fewer false positives.

    When you will try to test it for a while.
  • Just started testing reverseproxies.. CB shows me 28% for now..
  • ReverseProxies OCR is very bad succes rate now
  • do not look much on the success rate, as some OCR give wrong answers as good. If an OCR service gives an answer the system taken as good in its accounts but has failed the captcha
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