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Captcha Solving Service Success Rate % - New Feature Request

With so many captcha solving service to chose from, it's difficult for SER users to select the best one without knowing the "actual success rate". In "actual success rate" I mean, the answer provided is "correct" and is accepted by the site. Some captchas do not need to be 100% correct and are still accepted by the site.

I believe SER already has the capability to know if the answer submitted is right or wrong, since it is already sending this info to Eve OCR ( to determine the success rate.

Since SER v7.30 - new: captcha services get a "wrong captcha" report if submission was not successful and the cause was a wrong filled captcha...

So at the bottom status bar, we can have something like (C: 0.2|0.15|0.32) or the current one (C: 1234|1200|500). Right click to change and Resets on a new day...


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