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Captcha Sniper - Restart every 30 mins

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
Why do you remove this cool feature ? It was working very well for me ..and I really missing it, because after 6000 - 7000 captchas I need to reset my CS..that sucks (its about 3 or 4x per day)


  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    Even with the latest patches you need to restart CS? Please contact @captchasniper if you have any issues with the latest patch.
  • :D maybe its time to buy original cs :D thanks
  • SvenSven

    YES IT IS! If you make money with the tools you should at least pay for them! I hate this behavior.

  • I dont know where you see something wrong with restarting CS. I have several problems with CS in past. Mostly with memory leaks and hangout :) I dont know why this function was removed, as I found it useful to prevent memory problems. Now its looks like CS works better, but I dont like start a day with recover VPS as CS kill it ;) I hope I can buy in few days Your Captcha Solver so problems with CS will by in solved one for good ;)
  • SvenSven

    Well people had problems with it as the license checker on CS somehow blocked there lic. I don't know what exactly happened but it produced more trouble than good. So I removed it again. Ask CS support for details.

  • edited December 2012
    This AutiIt3 script checks if CS is live and kills it if not, use it at your own risk :)

    While True
       While ProcessExists("CaptchaSniper.exe")
          _NotResponding("Captcha Sniper", "", 1)

    Func _NotResponding($title, $text, $closeIfHung = 0)
       $hWnd = WinGetHandle($title, $text)
       If $hWnd <> "" Then
          $retArr = DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "IsHungAppWindow", "hwnd", $hWnd)
          If @error == 0 Then
             If $retArr[0] == 1 Then
                If $closeIfHung Then
                   ProcessClose(WinGetProcess($title, $text))
                Return 1
             Return 0
  • Thanks SEBO for this, for now I dont need it as CSX works well. I just wrote few sentences about memory leak problem in GSA/CS which before kill VPS, so I have to restart both programs. I never had problems with license, I had problems with memory. When You start GSA + CSX it was like 800mb and after 24h it was 1900mb from nothing ... Now its even less than this due to some GSA/CSX2 improvements. Its still this same server and GSA/CSX2 can work for weeks. Before in 24h ram take 2gb and VPS was gone.
  • Yes, SER works now much better than a month ago. But CS still freezes one or two times a day on my server.
  • Sebo - I use one version before last version, and works fine
  • CS freezes alot for me as well, seems like every 4-5 hours it just hangs and stops working and a restart is needed.  Eline how do you get CSX2 to work for weeks?  I'm lucky if I can squeeze 5 hours out w/o a restart.
  • I run one version before last one. I did all like in was in manual, so its run as admin with compatibility mode. I Have setup to use CSSE as CSX works not only with GSA but with other tools via decaptcher interface. Its dont give this way how many captcha was "solved" (should by "seen by CSX"), but works stable.
  • I really appreciate your input Eline, but for me this might as well be rocket science.  I've worked with a bunch of different software apps and CS just seems very convoluted.  From the way to properly install it, getting updates, instructions or lack thereof, no trials, no refunds, etc, etc.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.  Anyways, I purchased on 12/01, how would I go back in time and install a previous version?  Manual?
  • Nevermind, I might have a fix.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Are your setting on retries set to anything above 0?

    The more retries you set, the more calls to csx

    Set retries to 0 and see if that kills the lock ups

  • captchasniper   : hello sir .. my CS is crushing on my VPS .. its just about 4 hours since i re-start my CS and then when i check later .. its now not responding . Im experiencing this a lot of days now o.O
  • sorry for my english . im not good at it :(
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