New CS x2 and GSA : captcha test error

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When I click on test CS on the SER option, the 1st screenshot will pop-up and then the 2nd screenshot will pop-up

1. what is this?


    Accepted Answer

    you should just wait a bit...

    As when you click for the first time CS is starting... It takes a while...

    2nd screenshots means that Everything is just perfect. (when you see balance 7.77 that's test balance)...
  • LWD  ok thanks . I asked this because this is just the 1st tym i saw the test result on CS like this .. I thought of some bug or something else might happen on the new release of CS.
  • I noticed for CS x2, it's not sending my unsolved captchas to DBC but I have it setup in GSA to do exactly that.  Anyone have any idea why it isn't sending the unsolved captchas to deathbycaptcha?  Keep in mind I've already viewed this thread and applied it but still nothing   Captcha Sniper Options explained
  • CecilDee  did you set DBC as secondary to your CS if CS fails?
  • Yeah, DBC is setup to be 2ndary today makes the 2nd day in a row now.  Under CAPTCHAs correctly solved is 0, under CAPTCHAs reported as incorrect is 0.  Last weeks the CAPTCHAs solved was correctly was 8001.  Any ideas, do you use both CS and DBC also?
  • CecilDee I am not currently using both, just using CS. But I have experience using both.

    Try to check the project options
  • ronron

    @CecilDee - I have both. But I have to tell you, GSA SER was making so many links in the beginning, my DBC costs were going through the roof. So I turned DBC off. I'm making a ton of links each day, and I haven't sacrificed anything.

    It's a little hard to tell how many captchas I've really soved with CS, but the number is getting close to a million over the past several months. If I would have left DBC in there, I would have had to get a another job just to pay for the DBC costs.

    I would give CS a run by itself. I honestly think you will be pleased.



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