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when identifying platforms, possible to also append platform type?

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
I am talking about this option here --> image

Currently, it will save all identified URLs in a text file but you don't know whether they are bookmarking sites or wiki sites or blog commenting sites, etc. URLs are all saved altogether without being differentiated by platform type.

I just tried it with 5 URLs - article site, bookmarking site, wiki site, web directory, image commenting site - and GSA successfully identified all 5 but the results were just saved in one text file without being appended by the platform type -OR- saved in different text files with the platform type as prefix.


  • I think this is because GSA haven't processed them actually but just imported URL's to the particular project and sorted them out, and it will pass them over to global list (if you have option to save it in Options) after project processes them... Just my thought how it works, this may not be accurate btw...
  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    options --> advanced --> file name format --> [type]-[name].txt

    Edit: I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. The "Identifier" should save your URLs in the global site list.
  • edited December 2012
    Ozz, that setting just works for URLs that GSA found by itself (whether submitted, verified or whatever). But if you manually input URLs (via a text file or clipboard) using the option in the first post, it won't sort it by type-name, just the URLs saved in one text file (if you choose to save it, that is).
  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    i don't know what you are doing, but its sorting fine for me when importing. all sites are added to the "identified" site list.

    edit: you need to uncheck "save to custom file". but i'm guessing that you want an option to "save to different engine files", right?
  • i have imported a lot of urls with that option and GSA do it correctly, importing each url to their specific engine with name, 

    i have ticked: save identified sites to, save submitted sites to and save verified sites to.... i also have ticked the file name format option: [type]-[name].txt

  • My bad, Ozz you are right. I was checking the "Save to Custom File" option. I left that unchecked and the URLs got sorted and prefixed properly. Thanks!
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