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[Q] How can i sell GSA backlinks on fiverr?

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Hello, lately i have been thinking on selling GSA backlinks on Fiverr , I should start with building churn and burn ( spam links ) as quality links will need alot of preparation and setups.

Please help me with advice to provide a good service with least requirements for two main issues :
1-what setups i need vps or dedicated? how many proxies? can captcha breaker and seo indexer be enough? what engines to use and what to disable?
2- what info should i request from users how many KWs? any other data needed?

- Are there any drawbacks for making alot of projects for different users?
- Is it worth it to make profit by building backlinks for others anyways, or should i just stick to my own?
- Any other recommendations you can tell me?

What i have is GSA SER, GSA Captcha Breaker, GSA Indexer, GScraper and Wicked Article Creator.


  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    @ BlacKhatPriesTBlacKhatPriesT

    Personally i don't like fiverr . You can give a try with seoclerk too :) .

    Concentrating on your own projects ofc 100% profitable and worth. Seems you have got everything.
    I use dedicated server from solid seo vps and so far its fine. With gscraper you can scrape and with WAC you can import one click. So you have got almost everything . You should get 50 - 100 proxies and optionally good quality SER verified list . So far i am having good performance with 50 proxies , 24GB dedi ( i have split ti chunks for different seo tools so for SER its aroun 6gb ) and list from vkp1988 and  trevor bandura
    so far i am having huge LPM over 900+ with those .I think key is quality proxies plus verified list.

    I don't want to share my proxy provider i have spent over $2000 to found that proxy provider and with them i am getting less blobs and etc and he's not very famous and really fast proxies . Also worth to give a chance to  reverse proxies ocr .

    PS : for fiver you can go with up to 3 keywords ;) and you can charge for extra keywords optionally.
  • I'm still waiting for other suggestions if anybody has.
  • there is a lot of competition on Fiverr good luck
  • @reup doesn't precisely have to be fiverr ..
  • If you know what you are doing and can rank stuff ,why do you have this peasant mentality of doing it on Fiverr ?Dont get me wrong , I have clients too but defintely not for $5.Thats just ridiculous
  • @spammasta i'm talking about spam links right now, those are type of links to do on fiverr
  • Please enlighten me, but what are non-spam links? :D
  • @bangkoklad Tier 1 links (contextual backlinks) like articles, directories wikis..
  • OK I thought those were higher quality spam links lol
  • @bangkoklad lol you're probably right if you're gonna do manual backlinking
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Since Fiverr take $1 that leaves you with $4. With that setup, you could rank your own sites and make 100x that every day, in the right niche. Not what you wanted to hear but I don't know why anyone sells on Fiverr :D
  • @spunko2010 it just sounds much easier to just let gsa build backlinks instead of building websites , keyword research social signals and tier building and such.
  • goonergooner
    @BlacKhatPriesT - Selling link services isn't a bad idea in itself, but selling on Fiverr is a huge pain in the ass.
    Such low money and such high competition.

    Why not try selling link building services through forums?
    You can make $20 or $30 instead of $4 for each package sold.
  • @gooner i don't want to risk making a bull shit service when i didn't have a grasp of everything yet. It might be phase #2 to make a Sell thread on forums.

    The Fiverr idea came to me because my payments are scaling up while earnings aren't. Must even the scales.
  • ronron
    @BlacKhatPriesT - I think you are playing small ball, as they say. I would encourage you step up your mindset to more lucrative opportunities. Plus, doing something like that still takes time and energy, and you lose that time when you could be doing something more financially rewarding with your time. I almost feel like I am talking somebody down off a ledge on a tall building, lol. But seriously, you can do better than that. I need you to snap out of it.
  • goonergooner
    @BlacKhatPriesT - If you don't know so much then fair enough, forget my idea to sell on forums.
    But as some of the guys have mentioned, you may want to consider learning SEO instead.
    Selling on Fiverr takes time and effort and all the time you are doing that, you are not learning how to make real money.

    But if you need money, you need money. I have a tip for you... Offer upgrades to your gigs. More links for 2, 3 or 4 gigs etc. Also, when you deliver your gig you can include a text file or pdf that includes your email and invite buyers to contact you if they want ongoing link building campaigns. Maybe you could even JV with someone on this forum, you send them those leads and they pay you a flat fee or a monthly commission.

    Stuff like that can increase your profits.
  • @gooner that is a good tip thanks
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    @blackhatpriest you really need to listen to @spunko201, @gooner and @ron.

    Don't take this the wrong way, but selling shit on Fiverr is small time and it will never be worthwhile.  You should read some of the "success" stories that Fiverr has - These ppl are working 20 hours a day to make beer money.

    With SER you can do so much more. 

    Let me give you an example.

    I've been testing with a new niche over the last 2 or 3 months which based on my tests, I'm more than confident I can get 3 or maybe 5 KWs ranking in the top 3 with maybe 20-30 others having a decent showing.

    So as a worst case scenario, I'm planning that I can get at least $1k to $2k a month from this niche and I say worst case because the site I've been testing with started ranking in May and so far in May, my test site has done a bit less than $4k.

    That's one site, with about 1 weeks work plus an hour or two a week to tweak / update / mess with.

    So guess what, if you are super focussed (unlike me - youtube, tweaking SER and this and a few other forums are my nemesis) and you do multiple sites / niches like this 3 or 4 times a month, by this time next year Rodney, we'll be millionaires...
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    I have more than tons of Kws each with 50k monthly searches and low competition but only thing GSA ever ranked for me was a youtube video. and youtube is pretty volatile.

    I have made a website in french with 10 articles and (contextual / pr1+ / only do follow ) backlinks for a month and half and i did not get a single visitor.

    Made like 10 facebook pages with seo and full spam backlinks and nowhere to be ranked.

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    crorkservice make 350 sales each day only via fiverr.. That's mean 1.400 $/ day and 42.000 $ / month only through fiverr.. But their income is much bigger, because they provide extra gigs with price range between 20$ and 100 $ / gig. Yep...They earn only 4 bucks per gig, but process time to finish one gig is only a few minutes (1-3 min / gig).   So they can finish 30 gigs per hour easily = 120 $ / hour (without extra gigs) and with extra gigs I think 200 $ - 250 $ per hour.. 

    And they are not alone.. 

    youngceaser have done  20K gigs in 14 only months..
    dino_stark have done 70K gigs in 3 years
    mikemeth, amitb.. etc

    So... Who says there's no money? :)

    @BlacKhatPriesTMy suggestion. If you need money than start with fiverr and try to invest all money in new projects (niche sites).. If you earn only 200 $ per month via fiverr you can start with 3 niche sites easily.. Just saying... :)
  • @macco Awesome thanks. Have you any idea of a gig done with gsa that would take such low time to compensate so i can make many gigs a day?
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @macco this is interesting, but you are using one of the best sellers as your example which is kind of misleading. For example the top eBay powersellers in the world probably turnover £20M+, doesn't mean every other seller does. The market is saturated on Fiverr, I use crorkservice, for $5 I know I get what I pay for as they do it (as you say) every minute of every day.

    Not to mention the risk of using only Fiverr as your income, putting all your eggs in 1 basket etc.

    With that said... If it's something you really want to do, then do it. If I had listened to the advice people on forums were dishing out about entering the niche I am in ("it's already overcrowded" etc) then I would not be sitting here now, I'd be 9-5ing it somewhere and earning way less. Good luck :)

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    @spunko2010  He's not ask how to become top seller on Fiverr :) If he need some bucks to start niche sites is Fiverr (Seoclerks, Odesk...) the right way... 
  • @macco no i need to make millions!
  • Anyone have any issue with the auto fill of Wicked Article Creator?

    I got recently an error with WAC it says (( Sorry But I Was Unable To Fill From WAC ))

    Anyone Can Help Me Please How To Resolve This Issue?

  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    @vet333‌ you won't get ANY help spamming all these threads with the same question! I've spotted 5 or 6 already ..tell me what has this thread got to do with WAC?! :-/
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    I want to thank some peoples responses here. I really do.

    @ron @spunko2010 @spammasta

    I wish I had seen this in 2009. From 2006 to 2009 I started with next to nothing and built up a basic income which was better than welfare but it would not go higher. In 2009, EA was producing less and less results so I was lucky to find a private IM forums and went there where I explained the situation and someone suggested I write articles for others. Well the $5 trip - if that! Turned into years of sleepness nights - lots of staff but nothing really to show for it.

    I wish back then I had seen this. Today I have new challenges and can't say it is an easy route but getting stuck into providing services is such a hard thing to work with. It has its benefits, it is a type of business which is interesting and can get you to do so much, but in reality you make so little out of it.

    I have to say for me, I will be glad when got money flowing through my own sites. It is shear bliss to work as you please and earning even when you on holiday, but services, when you on holiday, generally business stops unless you have people in place for all aspects. With affiliate marketing, etc, even when you away, you still make money, so for me that is a good thing, but unless you have the discipline to do that, for some people it can be good to get the customers to push you forward to working. Can be hard to do unless you have the self discipline to work. Also making it work for your self can be a process that requires a lot of time not making money, something that selling services doesn't need - the wait till sites are built, till starting to rank, the testing, etc.

    For me, I like building on niches I believe in and look forward to seeing my niche sites produce results again.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @TryAMillion I am quite lucky that my sites make money while I sleep and I have a good standard of living from SEO, but don't get complacent and take it for granted because eventually the moneytrain stops and Google comes down hard. It's an inevitable fact even if you're so-called "100% white hat". Just accept that nothing lasts forever, good or bad.

    I never find it hard to do work because I enjoy it, if you don't have ambition then there's no point in even trying. "Ain't no tuition for having no ambition" - Kanye West (when he was good).
  • I do a bit of link packages to help fund my more successful affiliate sites.
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