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need some important fixes & suggestion

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I already reported some of bugs but decided to collect it to one thread for Sven.

1. Some problems with threads. Often happens what some threads for few projects is die, but gsa not notice it.

In this case gsa stop creating backlinks for this project and not possibly to stop this project - it have 'Stopping' status forever, and only one way to stop all projects globally (but it very bad way, as I lost all pauses/limits and all projects will restart). I have found what it most common problem for my projects, because some of them not creating backlinks constantly. 
I reported it before as for some projects only few links created, but only now was able to understand why it happens.

May be it need some threads monitor, which can test existence of threads for currently running projects and restart it if required every few minutes. Also 'force stop project right now' feature will extremely useful. 

I not sure all cases when it happens what thread dies, but it surely happens when you change number of threads in settings.
May be it also nice idea to add number of threads per current project at main screen and ability to test threads activity per individual project.

It need to be fixed very soon, as it creates problems for few random projects (but as you know you need to build links constantly if want to see results now!)

2. On any gsa update we lost current project statuses, and number of submitted/verified links for every project. It makes update a hard task (when you can do it), only at time when all projects completed for today. Otherwise it will destroy your linking scheme (how many links per day), as all project statuses & daily numbers will be reset after update. It really need to be fixed.

3. It not a bug, but new feature which can be very useful for everybody - randomization of global lists. Because right now gsa using global list in same order for all projects. May be it will possibly on project load time to randomize global list (if used) for every thread or project.

4. Another suggestion. Google not index urls which finish on 0 (zero) if zero is last digit in url. It was discussed on seomoz and my tests confirm it. Can gsa automatically replace urls which finished on 0 to 0/. Example, if gsa created blog post like it will change new url to automatically.
It will fix that issue and help to get more urls indexed.

PS : I just found what even global button - STOP not stop 'stopping' projects!!! 


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    right now i see again situation when one runned project not generating any links. When I trying to stop it, it have 'stopping' status for 30 mins and still 'stopping'.
    At this time I not changed number of threads (from launch of gsa) - so looks thread can die without using this option. So we need threads control manager (in core - can check & restart it every 5 mins for example) in gsa core to check & restart threads if it dies.

  • I just found what when 'Monitor PC resources and automatically lower threads' option is disabled and you not changing number of threads - it looks  like you not have such dead threads. 
    So looks this problem starts when script changing number of threads - automatically or by user,
  • not fixed at new update. Any chance what sven will look into it? It really important fixes!
  • any reply? sometimes need to change number of threads - but after it - some threads dies. 
    also some threads dies when control number of threads automatically is enabled.
  • 1. unpossible for me to answer. i'm guessing that it has something to do with proxies or running out of target URLs when submission rates are low. is submission rate back to "normal" after deleting target history URLs for example? 

    2. change your settings in project options form "Pause the project after XXX subs/vers for XX minutes" to "...reached in a day" and your status will not change after update.

    3. global list are randomized. the projects search for new URLs to post to in random order in your site list.

    4. i checked 3 of those zero-urls and 2 of them were indexed in google.
  • 1. No, this is not proxies problem. I already have found what if 'monitor pc resources and automatically lower threads automatically' option is disabled and I not changing number of threads in process - I not experiencing such problem.
    2. thanks! I not seen before this new options, looks like i missed it.
    3. I get situation constantly when few popups with text questions asking me to enter answers. So I see '1st question for X site to submit, my Y1 project', next question for same 'X site to submit, but my Y2 project', etc. 
    I mean to randomize individual engine global list on load time to gsa thread. Like when gsa loading elgg global list into thread - to randomize it in load time. At current time looks like gsa selecting engine for global list randomly per project, but loading list for that engine into thread in same way as it in file.
  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    1-2) :)
    3) @sven needs to comment this
    4) is this still accurate as the article is from 2008? i just scanned this article quickly and they are not talking about urls that ending with "0", they are talking about urls which ending with ".0" (dot zero).
  • ok, thanks for help, Ozz! 
    Yes, that seomoz article is pretty old, it was a suggestion - just tried to combine it all in one place. ;)
  • your welcome.

    only question left (besides random global list) to me is how you could confirm the ".0"-issue when your samples weren't ending with ".0"? ;)
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    also check why when you changing number threads in gsa (or gsa makes it automatically) - some threads dies.

    i checked all verified urls in lot of projects, urls finished on zero was not indexed. May be it just coincidence - not easy to tell.
  • OzzOzz
    edited December 2012
    most propably coincidence as the live urls like

    which stated in the article are indexed in google.
  • it possibly, really when i found that article from seomoz - i not checked date ;)
  • SvenSven
    @mafcra the global site list is loaded randomly for engines and inside of the file. When a project requests URLs from global site list, it jumps to a random location in the file and reads X number of URLs. 
  • Thanks, Sven!

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