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LpM decreasing

It starts with ~30 LpM then after 1 day it decreases at 20. Why?


  • Hey, @andreig03

    I looked through your comments on this forum and I couldn't find any info on the lists and setting you use in GSA SER.

    So I'm going to give you a pretty common answer to your question.

    • This may be due to the nature of the lists you are using.
    • Maybe your proxies are getting banned? Do you use SER for scraping as well? Do you use dedicated or semi-dedicated proxies? Check them up with SER and ScrapeBox (you can retry failed in scrapebox)
    • Maybe you are using too much threads on your proxies
    • Maybe there's problem with your mail accounts? What types of mail accounts do you use?
    • Another thing I have found in SER (and other similar software) is that after a day of work if I don't restart it the LpM gets lower. So try restarting it once per day

  • edited May 2014
    1. I'm not using lists, im using the default gsa links
    2. The proxies are not banned, i tested them in gsa and all are green. Dedicated
    3. I'm using 500 threads with 20 proxies
    4. 5 gmails with variations and spam filter disabled
    5. If i restart it indeed the LpM will increase but for a few minutes, then it will decrease back to 20

    And now it's even slower 16 

    It must be my settings, i'm using ser only for youtube videos so something must be wrong but i have not idea what it could be, this software is the most complicated software i have ever seen
  • This is probably because SER starts processing links and after a while it shifts to more email checking and less link processing.

    Check the logs. Normaly you see two types of messages. [+] and [-]. Compare this after a a while you'll see that you'll probably be seeing more [-]'s than [+]'s.

    Also i'm wondering what your CPU is.

    Please get back so I can confirm that i'm on the right track on explaining this :)
  • Of course your lpm is going to decrease in 24 hours if have enabled verification. Then it's using resources for only verifying urls while not building any new links.

    GSA SER has only very few "default" links, it heavily relies on scraping for platform specific footprints. Maybe your issue is your proxies getting burnt on whatever search engines you're using and maybe you're using too many worthless search engines. If your proxies are getting burnt, try increasing the wait time on search queries and wait a couple of days at that setting and then see if it helped.

    If you want to improve your lpm then you should make this search query in google and knock yourself out: lpm
  • What i just noticed, the proxies will decrease in a few seconds and arrive to 0 and when i click on the 0 all proxies have at status: Automatically disabled  but when i check the proxies (both google and bing) they are all green. I have never seen this before
  • Disable -> disable proxies failed then (or whatever that option in the proxy menu is)
  • You need more proxies, because your proxies with 500 threads = connections become slow as hell.. 

    Let's do some math: :)

    500 connections / 20 proxies = 25 connections per proxy at the same time.

    I suggest you to buy 50 proxies or more and you will see improvement...
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