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is this possible to do with GSA SER?

edited December 2012 in Need Help
Say I have two URLs:


Then if I submit an article, let's say GSA SER chooses the first URL in the example above, is it possible for the software to also choose a specific article file based on the URL that it has chosen? So now I will have:

* the URL about dogs -{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}
* the article about dogs - dog_article.txt

If this is possible, how do I do this (what are the macro commands)?

Another question - what is the macro command so that the software uses all of those anchor texts in the article? Is it <a href="%url">%anchor_text1%</a>?

I am horrible at explaining but hopefully this is somewhat understandable. :(


  • SvenSven

    you can add urls like {#1 url#anchor} ...and name the article also 1.txt e.g. Than it will chose that file if you have %spinfolder-c:\articles\% used in article field or you can put the articles there directly and have them use #1 as tag in spin syntax.

    You should only use %url% and %anchor_text% in your article. That will choose the correct url + anchor text for you.

  • do you have to put the actual #1 before the url or just the fact that it is the first url it chooses the 1.txt article, or is the index 0 based?
  • edited December 2012
    Let's see if I understand things correctly:

    1) When I add URLs, it should be in this format? -> {#1 htp://{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}}

    2) In the 'Article Body' field I should only type this one macro command? -> %spinfolder-c:\articles\%

    3) You said "...or you can put the articles there directly and have them use #1 as tag in spin syntax." What's the proper command for that? Is it -> {{#1 first_article_goes_here}|{#2 second_article_goes_here}}

    4) What about for the 'Article Title' field? What is the macro command so that my article title matches the URL+anchor text and the article body? I don't want my article title to be about cats when the URL, anchor text, and article body are all talking about dogs!

    5) Do these macro commands work -> %url1% and %anchor_text1%

    6) If I use HTML tags and the site I'm submitting to only accepts BBCode, GSA will auto switch the HTML tags to BBCode tags, correct?

  • SvenSven

    3) ... it should be {#1 article1|#2 article2|#3 ...}

    4) this is not limited to s special fiel. You can use the same in "article_title" as in "article". {#1 title1|#2 title2|#3 ...}

    5) yes thats also working. Also mentioned in the macro guide.

    6) yes, or wiki or markdown or whatsoever.

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