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★ ★ Yahoo Email Accounts $6.6/1k POP3 Enabled, Spam Filter Disabled ★ ★



  • hmm... in fiverr, status is 'gig paused'. When will it be available?
  • I am also wondering about the gig being paused.
  • dmrtrob1 
    Gig is live again do you can place order.
  • great
  • Is bonus still available ?
  • redfoxseo 
    Yes just post your order number here.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @satyr85 I'd like to receive the bonus too, I just ordered, here is the order number:

  • ive ordered to you in fiverr and divided the order into two. You sent me 350 ids and then i messaged you in Fiverr no reply so far.
    Hope you will send me the remaining a/cs here.
    I will purchase more once these are used.
  • balajiseo 
    Sorry i forgot about your message. Seiding you accs now.
  • I`ve made a new order. I was really satisfied with past orders because accounts worked perfectly.
  • @satyr85 You rock all the accounts are working perfectly fine, and he sent me 700 a/c's instead of 350 accounts for the late delivery.
    You are my staple when it comes to email accounts.
  • All orders delivered. I have few aols in stock. Post here if you would like to try them.
  • 2nd order :) #FO1FA75D912
  • Yes would like to try some AOLs please :)
  • Your gig was paused ?
  • Please PM me if the gig is open again. thanks
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I'm seeing some important messages in SER where it tells me some emails aren't performing well, I mean there are email login errors for various campagins, do you guys faced the same problem with yahoo ? Emails are fresh, bought 2 days ago from @satyr85 and he seems to have tons of positive reviews so I don't know..
  • grax1 
    Important messages dont mean there is any serious problem with accounts.
    There are 2 king of important messages releated to accounts:

    - timeout, service unavailable etc - this are temporary errors, and that errors are because yahoo servers problems. No service have 100% uptime, yahoo pop3 also and thats why you see this errors. This kind of errors simply mean that you cant login to acc now, but you will be able after X-XX minutes so it dont have any influence on ser performance, number of verified links etc.

    - Wrong username/password - when you see this error you can worry because this mean error is releated directly to account. Whe you see this error firstly find account in email verification tab, and click "show" (hint) so you can see password. There was bug in SER, and because of this SER changed passwords for accounts sometimes. You can read more about it here.

    When you see error invalid username/pass and its not possible to login to acc via browser because you get error wrong username/pass it means account is dead. If you get this kind of errors its possible you use accs in wrong way - not enough accounts per project and no custom time to wait between 2 logins.

    Post here examples  of errors you are geting and your settings from email verification and submission tab if you want me to take a closer look.

    Yes gig is paused guys, hope all will be back to normal on monday

  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider

    looks like a lot of login problems, I haven't experienced something like this before with yahoo emails. Anyone knows really good emails that work without problems nowadays ? I'm sure it has a huge impact on SER performance...
  • I need full print screen of your email error. Not just part + i need your setting as i told above. As you can see noone here have problems with emails so im think something is wrong with your settings.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    Already contacted on PM
  • edited July 2014
    I'll check back on monday. Would like to purchase some of these from you. Or if you see this and un pause the gig tag me to remind me in case I forget, please.
  • Is this going to be active anytime soon?
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    I need accounts, your gig is paused? .. :| any Idea when you will open shop?
  • PM me when you start selling yahoo accounts again.
  • Any test accounts available?  Problems with email suppliers and would like to check performance before I buy. 

  • @satyr85 i got 30 test emails from you last year. I forgot to leave feedback than, amazing thing is 25 are still working.

    Still selling ?. i want to buy :)
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