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★ ★ Yahoo Email Accounts $6.6/1k POP3 Enabled, Spam Filter Disabled ★ ★

Hi Guys :)

Im here to provide cheap, high quality email accounts for GSA. My accounts are pop3 enabled and spam filter disabled. No aliases, you get real, separate accounts.

You can order accounts at $6.6 per 1k (5$ order - 750 accounts - fiverr gig) here:
When im online delivery takes X-XX minutes.
Bulk pricing - $5 per 1k for 10k+ orders, PM me for info.

Best way to contact me is PM, skype ( satyr855 ) or email:
If you need test accounts post here or PM me.

Reviews from this thread:


  • i used your test accounts.and works great ,will place order soon
  • Yeah, i also used the test accounts and all i can say is AMAZING. I strongly recommend the accounts from here because are PERFECT for GSA purposes. My LpM have increased a lot with the satyr85's accounts.
  • Just ordered. Great service!
  • Hey would you send me test accounts please, looking forward to this.
  • If you would like to get your order delivered to custom email, please send me order number from fiverr to my email :)
  • goonergooner
    Accounts are good, i've been using them for a couple weeks with no problems.
    Happy to recommend this service.
  • edited May 2014
    I have just ordered via fiver and made contact on skype 
    Anyway to speed up delivery I am just starting and need to go fast

    So If you have a few test accounts I can use to get started I would love it 

    Your service looks great from the comments 

  • As a new user to GSA I can 100 percent confirm the accounts are good and I found the seller to be one of the most helpful persons I have done business with. I urge you to try these emails for your GSA use

    Thumbs UP!!
  • Just ordered 750 accounts to test, from my first impression accounts looks good.
  • bought and testing now.. how many accounts can be used simultaneously? I have like 20 projects x 10 emails each.. is 200 emails at the same time safe from email ban?
  • 10-15 different emails for every project sounds safe. Use custom time to wait between 2 logins. Some customers report less errors with proxies unchecked for emails.
  • I've been "stalking" Satyr85 on this forum since february (his posts are really great and insightful, got some cool ideas), and I can say that he always means business.

    So if you need some accs, stock up, price is great, performance is awesome - twenty one thumbs up. 

    Against all other third party accounts I used, these perfrorm better. I can't claim I tested all of them of course, but still.
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    !!Special offer!!

    Post here your fiverr order number (for example Order #FO63DBE521C6) and i will give you...

                150 bonus accounts 

    - only 1 bonus per buyer
    - 20 sposts for now
    - offer valid only for new orders, already delivered orders dont apply.
  • #FO6291DBC382

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    Order #FO6293095982 

    Thanks !!!
    • Order: #FO438A3B2A17 
    • thanks
  • #FO642F1D6367

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  • #FO83384E9042

  • #FO52E5F12EA4

  • #FO838B2103D3
  •  #FO1F78C3F32

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  • FO72E6D663D2
  • 9 bonus packs left, grab them now :)
  • 0852108108521081 Thailand
    • #FO73DF61F4C

  • #FO838CDEAE73

  • ReicheggerReichegger México
    edited June 2014
    wow I just got my accounts, have not gone 5 minutes since I placed the order on Fiverr and already have 800 accounts + 150 bonus

    Thank you satyr85 you are very fast!

    This is my purchase and shipping most rapid in the history...
  • ronron
    This is a great service, and a good dude as well. You get your emails very fast. 

    +1 ;)
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