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40k Verified urls per month, 50% new member bonus = SER Advantage



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    Hello, everybody!

    One of our members made a request yesterday that we make a video tutorial regarding GSA SER list management.

    Today we release a detailed 13 minute tutorial on how to manage your GSA SER lists.

    It is available as of now to all of our Advantage members. Just login to our members area from here, and you will find it on the right hand site in the Members Navigation, just below our other 50-minute GSA SER Tutorial.
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    The new GSA SER Advantage list is here!

    We are always experimenting and trying to improve the way we are creating our lists, because of that we managed to verify more than 30 000 unique urls during the last 2 weeks.

    If you subscribe now you will receive:

    - A list consisting of 31738 unique urls coming from 29813 unique DOMAINS.
      Check the full list statistics here.
    - The upcoming list of at least 20 000 unique urls, which will come out on 7-19-14
    - 50% new member bonus - you will receive a third list of at least 20 000 unique urls, which will come out on 8-03-14
    - Access to over 1 hour worth of GSA SER tutorials
    - The right to request more tutorials!

    Click here to become an Advantage member now

    P.S Remember, this is only half of what you would get in any given month, and only 1/3 of what you are getting for your first month when you sign up now.
  • Confused! If i join now how many list will be available?

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    Hi, right now, this is the list, that will be available to you

    After two weeks, you will get another list. And another one after two more weeks. 

    It just so happens, that our new monthly subscribers always gain access to three verified lists instead of two in their first month. After that, it's two lists per month.

  • When is the new list coming ?
  • The next list will come out exactly on 7-19-14
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    GSA SER Advantage List #5 is Out!

    The new list consists of over 30 000 verified urls, coming from 27 400 unique domains. (That's 50% more than what we promise!)

    Stop wasting time submitting to the same domain over and over again. We all know that unique domains are what counts in link building. Our lists contain 88% unique domains - you can do the math yourself.

    Full list statistics are available here.

    Click here to become an Advantage member now!

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    GSA SER Advantage list #6 is now ready and waiting in your member's area. 
    Again, over 30k unique URLs, over 80% of which come from unique DOMAINS!

    High % of unique domains = better RANKINGS = more MONEY

    Here are the statistics for this release. All you have to do now is enter your member's area and start using it on your projects.

    If you are not yet an Advantage member, you can click here to sign up now!
  • Hey guys, our next list is ready, but there appears to be an issue with our hosting provider. We are working on it with their staff and hopefully by tomorrow you'll have it. 

    We overdelivered by 50% again and this list is over 30k verified URLs. We can't wait to make it available for you to use.

    We truly apologize for the delay.
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    List #7 is now live. You can see the statistics here.

    You can either
    -  log in to your members area to download it now, or...
    -  click here to "join now" and gain immediate access!
  • hi
        can i get only PR domains list i dont need trash links only qulity links if you can give me that link mimimum pr 2 domains
  • Narutohits, no service can give you 30k highPR domains, let alone for $13.5 per list.

    List #8 is out with a new portion of close to 30k unique verified URLs. 
    Log into your members area to download the list, or subscribe now to gain immediate access.
  • any discount? :D
  • I avail this membership,
    there are still no new update of list.
  • @apr1515, please enter your members area and look for the resources section in the menu on the right-hand side. The latest list will be available there. There's also a new one coming in just three days. 
  • List 9 is out! Get a fresh batch of 31k unique links right now, when you log in into your members area.
    Just to know what you can expect, check out the list statistics here.

    If you are not yet a member, subscribe now. Stay tuned for the next list in two weeks.
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    List #10 is ready for download! Get a fresh, private list of over 35k unique links.
    Log in the member's area to download your new high LPM list. (statistics)

    If you are not yet a member, subscribe now.  Expect to receive the next private list in two weeks as part of your membership.

  • @Stoimenlliev, i have bought your list link, please check my paypment.. because i was too long for waiting thanks.
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    i have bought your list link on , please check my paypment.. because it was too long for waiting thanks.
  • edited October 2014
    Your email was answered as soon as possible, @abdillahpgo . You say it's too long for waiting, but our data shows that we responded to your email about 8 hours after you made payment. The only reason we didn't respond sooner was because where we live it was 3 AM when you have made the purchase. :)

    My guess is that the email with log in instructions got lost. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it's not common for that to happen and I'm not sure why it did. Anyway, in the email I sent you, you will find everything you need to log in. Thank you for your purchase.
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    Hey, the new list is out! List #11 contains over 26k verified links, that you can use immediately. This time, we decided to focus more on the quality of links, and as a result you are going to see a lot more contextual links.

    The average Domain Authority (DA) of our contextual links is 28.47, which is pretty cool for links, that you are gettings for free! Any link from DA > 15 is considered a good link, and our contextuals are way above that.

    There's also a special bonus, that you''ll be getting in the next few days. You will find it in the member's area when it's ready. I'll be sure to mention it here as well.

    For now, log in to download your new list.
    If you're not yet a member, subscribe now and get instant access!

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    List #12 is now ready for use. Get your fresh 29k of verified links from your members area. You can find full information about the list here.

    Again, average Domain Authority for the contextual links here is way above 15, which makes for some powerful links. This time it measured at 28.41. If you're not yet a member, subscribe now and get your verified list immediately.
  • Get the new list #13 now from the members area. Domain authority for the contextual links is traditionally high. You can read the full description in the download page.

    If you don't have access to it, you need to subscribe now. An account will be instantly created for you.
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    List #14 is live! Click here to download it now!

    Cyber Monday deal: If you are not yet subscribed, you can do it now for just $16.99 for your first 30 days. The offer is live for the next 48 hours only, when you buy through this link now.
  • List #15 is here! Download it as usual from here. Almost 30k of instantly available links for your sites.

    IF you're not yet a member, click here to join!

  • Is the forum still working?
  • edited January 2015
    Hi, Temetito. There was a hacker attack and my hosting provider disabled some services. Now it's working again.

    The new list is out, with more than 50,000 valid links, that you can build to your sites instantly.

    You can get it from here.

    If you can't, because you're not yet a member, click here to join and get it instantly!
  • List #17 has arrived! 35,000+ instantly available links!

    Login from here and get it now.

    If you are yet to become a member, you can join now and have the list in 2 minutes.

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    Login to download List #18 now. Over 30,000 verified links, that you can have pointing at your sites right now.

    If you don't have access, maybe it's time to signup and receive instant access.
  • We apologize for the delay, but List #19 is here. To make up for the delay, which was out of our control, we threw in a little bonus. Instead of the usual 30k verified links, this list contains close to 50,000.

    Sign in here to download the list, or sign up for your monthly subscription and receive it immediately.
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