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40k Verified urls per month, 50% new member bonus = SER Advantage

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How excited would you be, if you could receive а guaranteed exclusive sitelist for your linkbuilding campaigns every two weeks?

How about if you add to that a membership to a small private forum, where you can discuss money-making strategies with a limited number of people and CRUSH the search engines?

This was not a reallity, but it is now!



  • To how many people you will be selling the list? Any limit?
  • We will close for new members when we reach 70 people.
  • When its launching and how much it will cost?
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    We will launch in the next 7 days and people who "Subscribe Now" will find out 24 hours before anyone else.
    The normal price will be $27 per month.
  • Who will be in the membership that is able to CRUSH the search engines using SER?

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    Nobody said that you can crush the search engines only using SER. Although you can still make a pretty good living out of just SER and CB, in my opinion.

    To asnwer your question, a small group of motivated people, given the opportunity to collaborate privately, will be willing to share more, and benefit more from one another.
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    Hey, guys

    I'm working with Stoimen to bring you this service, and now we can share what types of links you will be getting.

    Category - Article............: 2269
    Category - Blog Comment.......: 13266
    Category - Directory..........: 782
    Category - Forum..............: 5710
    Category - Exploit..............: 141
    Category - Guestbook..........: 3601
    Category - Image Comment......: 252
    Category - Microblog..........: 56
    Category - Pingback...........: 201
    Category - Social Bookmark....: 183
    Category - Social Network.....: 2946
    Category - Trackback..........: 2337
    Category - URL Shortener......: 1304
    Category - Video..............: 425
    Category - Video Adult..............: 177
    Category - Wiki...............: 664
    Total.........................: 35585
    Total Unique Domains.....: 29948

    Since you will be our first customers, our first list is almost double of what you would normally expect. Most lists are filtered by domain. The only exceptions are where it makes sense to have more than 1 URL per domain.

    From here on, when you subscribe, you will be getting at least 20,000 URLs every two weeks. The service will launch in just a few days. You still have time to get a 20% discount off your first month when you subscribe now to the waiting list.
  • I would like to see more detailed breakdown of your list. Like how many drupal and wordpress sites in article engine?
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    In order to create such a list of verified URL's we are running multiple instances of GSA SER. There are a couple of ways to remove the duplicates and give you statistics.

    The most obvious one is to spam the whole list of verified URL's we gathered across projects once more in a new project. However, we prefer not to spam them any more additionally. If we did this, we could as well remove the limit number of members we are selling our lists. However, this is not the point of our lists.

    What we do is we use Microsoft Excell and Scrapebox to remove the duplicates by categories so that we can give you statistics.This is going to be too much and unrewarding work do to for each of the 200+ engines, and do this 2 times per month.

    If you'd like I can breakdown the list for a couple of engines by your choice, just name them here :)
  • goonergooner
    Or you could just use SER remove dup functions and use the stats provided by SER, Hmmmm
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    Thanks to @gooner for motivating me to use Excel further to sort out the duplicates. Here's the result:

    List 1 Statistics

  • cherubcherub
    I'm with @gooner and @davbel on this - why on earth would you need to use Excel to dedupe and spit out stats when SER does that for you with a few clicks?
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    @cherub Because, as I said before, I'm not running one instance of GSA SER, but several. You can only remove the duplicates within each GSA SER with a few clicks, but then you would have to compare and remove the duplicates between the different instances of SER (For each of the 200+ engines that SER supports)

    I would be happy to explain in further detail why and how you remove the duplicates among many instances of GSA SER in Private Message or in another thread. :)
  • cherubcherub
    I suspect many are running several instances of SER, but the process of deduping from multiple copies is still only a few clicks. Simply export a verified sitelist from each of your slave copies of SER, import them all into your master copy of SER, and then dedupe and export stats. All sitelists from all your copies of SER deduped and in one place. No need for Excel or Scrapebox.
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    Thanks, cherub. We are getting the hang of it.

    In other news -
    We are live, guys! The GSA Advantage service is live at the normal price of $26.99/month. Our members already received their first verified list. When you sign up now, you will receive this list, as well every other list we release in the future for as long as you're a member. The next list will be released in 12 days.

    By request from a member, we recorded and uploaded a 50-minute beginners video tutorial for SER in the member's area. There are more videos coming in the next few days.

    There are only 70 spots in total available for the Advantage membership. You can still sign up when you use this link.

  • Hello, everybody!

    We already have people from all over the world as Advantage Members, taking advantage of our verified list.

    Just to make things clear.

    • If you buy the membership now, this month you will receive not 2, but 3 lists. (That's just the way the membership works)
    • The first list contains 35k unique urls (~30k unique domains) with lots of contextuals!
    • The following 2 lists will contain at least 20k urls (Although with the rate we are getting verifications they will be much more for sure.)

    That's over 75k urls of freshly verified sites for just $26.99!

    You need only Captcha Breaker to claim those links!

    You will get 30-day access to the Advantage Membership, where you can:

    • Collaborate with other Advantage Members and discuss money making strategies
    • Will get access to an exclusive 50 minute GSA SER Tutorial
    • Other tutorials are upcoming
    • Make yourself a tutorial request!

    Click here to receive the verified list and get Advantage Membership now!


  • I am one of the buyer of this membership, their list is good and i got lot of verified links.

    I was the one who requested the tutorial and they delivered it in less than 48 hours. Support is good and got all my questions answered in short time.
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    Thank you for the good words!

    P.S We still have open spots available in our membership ;)
  • Hello, everybody!

    To give you heads up, you have 7 hours to get into the Advantage Membership and take the current 35k verified list.

    As promised, two weeks have passed and we will be releasing our second verified list, consisting of over 20k verified URLS. When we release this list, the previous one will become unavailable in the members area.

    If you get into the membership now, you can still receive the first list of over 35k verified urls, and two upcoming lists consisting of over 20k urls each - thats over 75k urls in total for just $26
  • edited June 2014
    A couple of people seized the moment yesterday and took the 35k promo verified list.

    Today we are releasing a brand new, two-weeks fresh verified list!

    If you subscribe now, you will take not only this 20k verified list, but after 2 weeks you will receive another freshly verified list consisting of 20k urls. Not only that, but after two more weeks you will receive another fresh verified list of 20k urls. That's over 60k urls for just 26.99.

    20k may not seem as much right now, but we have found out that you will be able to get many more verifications if we give you fresh lists regularly, instead of having to wait a whole month for the whole batch.

    Click here to get GSA Advantage Membership now!

    P.S If you are an Аdvantage Мember be sure to open the members area to download the new list. ;)

  • vijvij
    edited June 2014
    I only submit to PR >0 and most of the domains are PR0 - I cant imagine this can be naturally like that. Disappointing. Unsubscribed :(
  • When is new list coming out?
  • @vij, I replied to your e-mail in detail.

    @itsme, the next list should be out on the 19th.
  • vijvij
    edited June 2014
    Thanks for the email Ivalyo

    There has been a sudden spurt of verified PR>=1 links from unique domains although still below 2000(PR>1) - I am also not counting unknown PR.

    if each list of yours is unique  - then maybe this is worth keeping.

    IMO, It would be good if you could send all new subscribers the master list for additional fee.

  • edited June 2014
    Thanks for understanding, @vij!

    After your e-mail, we've been discussing how to make the previous lists available to current members. We have to work out a way, where everybody is happy with the value they have received. The pricing has to be fair to both long-standing members and more recent ones. 

    We will work it out in the next few days and let you know what we come up with. Any input from existing members on the issue is highly appreciated!
  • Hello, everybody!

    We will release our 3rd list in less than a day
    If you want to take our previous 20k list, now is the time to subscribe.
  • As promised - a new site list is available! It has a total of 21,786 unique urls.
    With that list our members claimed a total of over 75k unique urls, all for the price of $26.99.

    Subscribe now to claim our latest list + the upcoming 2 lists, containing over 20k unique urls in each of them!

    P.S You will also have a way to purchase our old lists shortly (but only if you are a current member)
  • in your title, you mentioned 20k unique domains.but your last post mention 20k unique urls? which is more accurate?
  • edited June 2014

    There are 21,786 unique urls within our last list, coming from 20,199 unique domains.
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