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Google Dance Questions

Is it normal to have google dance. Especially when site is about 1 year old.
Had a few niches that have gone from say rank 40 to rank 100+ today.

No issues in webmasters, is it best to just power through it? or are there any tips or tricks to it.



  • Tim89Tim89
    How are you link building? Are you being aggressive with tiers? Are you rapidly indexing your backlinks?
  • @Tim89 I am not being that aggressive to be fair. A lot of links are being made but they are dripped through indexification. Just put in 32k links a day or two ago and they are set to 250 a day, so I am doing it slow and steady.

  • Tim89Tim89
    Are those links purely tier 1 links or are they combined with tier 2 and 3's?

    250 tier 1 links sent for crawling is quite a large number of links to be sending through per day, considering these links could potentially die within a matter of days, which will put doubt in the search engines criteria for your site, because; why would a good decent lose backlinks that were added so recently, this would be an easy metric to factor in..

    If site A has x indexed within x amount of days but x amount of indexed links are no longer live after x amount of days..

    This would look shady/suspect, I know I've sidetracked a little but it has to do with what I'm about to say.

    I have been building my first tier and letting them sit before processing them for indexing, so for example I would send only links that have been alive for 20 or so days etc, there's more of a chance these links are going to stick in the future because they've made it past my threshold of 20days, which in effect would reduce the amount of dead backlinks that point to your site.

    By using that method above, you won't even suffer from dances anymore because you'll be going at a much slower pace.

    Dances are primarily to do with link indexing/crawling velocity, in the end they should go back to normal, if you've got your anchor text ratios on point anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  • @Tim89 excellent answer above, thank you.

    The tier 1's are backed up with tier 2 and tier 3, so the 32k I have sent for indexing will not be all tier 1.
    Indexification has not reported any dead links yet, so I assume that is a good thing.

    The rank dance is awfully depressing but I am not sure if it is something that a lot of people go through, and when I see my competition still in the same place it really sucks.

    Do you suggest I just power through it and reassess the situtation in a few days.
  • Tim89Tim89
    In that case, This makes a little more sense.

    Links are being indexed at different times but are all connected via tiers, so for instance, a bunch of your tier 1's may have become indexed, then a bunch of your tier 2's and 3's may have become indexed which point to your tier 1's, the search engines recognise this and has to recalculate your tier 1's authority, hence it doesn't know where to place you, so it throws you out for a few days, weeks, months, depending on how many links you've sent for indexing.

    In this type of scenario dances are fairly normal, as long as you've got your anchor text ratios on point, you'll bounce back, and if you've created enough links, you should go higher than where you were.
  • @Tim89 I did read the same sort of thing elsewhere that Google may move you out of the search until it has recalculated your value.

    My site URL and Domain rank have shot up a few points in ahrefs recently aswell which I have noticed. So fingers crossed here.

    Thanks for your time and answers.
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