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Okay guys so I would like to ask what to do next?

I am able to rank my websites on the Page 3 - 6 of Google, but I was wondering if I need to do something more heavy to increase my Page Rank?
If there is, what? I just need some helping hand, because two of my websites are ranked on Page 4 and 6 of Google but I think since Page 1 is a lot more competitive, I think I need to do something extraordinary?

Can anyone help me? Thanks guys!


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    I don't know what extraordinary you are expecting.
    You should keep building links and i think your domain in new.
    Contextual links should help you rank better.
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    That's depend on competitors. Find very easy keyword. Then you can get the goal.
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    @sampath so you mean I'll just keep my GSA SER running and keep the links building? My domain is new? I'm using blogspot.com platform, because I'm only testing out first. Contextual links like?

    @kasun0777 I know that and the competition for that keyword is low and not competitive
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    You can basically send any links whatsoever to blogspot platform (churn and burn). Has worked well for me. But it is obviously safer in long term to build contextual links with a tiered structure.

    There is also a high risk that some competitor reports your blogger page and you get it shut down by google. Has happened to me a few times which is not too fun.
  • @vifa thanks for the answer sir, unfortunately till now I don't now what churn and burn is. haha! I can rank website on the Page 3 - 6 of Google by simple building Backlinks to my site, but Churn and Burn? What is that? :) if there is any thread here about that please let me know :) thank you sir
  • @vifa sir do you think it will help me get a better ranking? I'm already ranking site without the CnB method, you I think this will help me more?
  • Yes if you do it right you will get a great boost. But you can not see it in long term. max 3 - 4 months before Google catches up. ;-)
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    @vifa Ohhh... I see, that's what CnB does? But if do it normally like what I do right, simply sending BL's it will have a longer life, but will take its ranking slowly. Right?
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    build more links; wait. Rinse and repeat.

    oh ye and dont forget indexing, that is probably 70% of the struggle these days.
  • I just leave my site behind, waiting for all my backinks to be indexed,
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