Few selective posting questions...

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Hello everyone,

I have few questions about posting, if anyone could help me I would be really grateful. :)

How do I setup GSA SER to post ONLY to Imported URL's and not a single other URL? Is that even possible?

If I import URL's to GSA SER, and let's say I've imported Article Dashboard urls, and I've added some Pligg url's but I have selected project to post ONLY to Article Dashboard is gsa going to save Pligg url's to the identified sites, also known as global list? In case that option to save identified is set to ON.

Is there a way to post ONLY to global sites (already identified ones) and nothing else?

Well that's all for now. :)

Thank you!


  • Ok I've just found out how to post to Global list only, simply by selecting "Active Use Global Site List Only" :)
  • OzzOzz
    Accepted Answer
    1) post only to imported URLs -> uncheck all SEs and uncheck "use global site lists" + "also analyze and post to competitors backlinks" as well

    2) all sites that could be identified will be saved in the site list. it doesn't matter, what engines you enabled in your projects

    3) uncheck SEs and check "use global site list". if you only change the status for the projects to "use global site lists only" than this will be temporary until the next restart (if that hasn't changed by now??!)
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    Thank you Ozz. :)

    And regarding #3 yes it is still temporary, after reset, project status goes back to "Active" instead of "Active G".

    Update: I just did reset of GSA and it kept selected option to "Active G"... Oh well, I guess it works... :)
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