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Wylde's Bulk Moz Checker



  • I have bought your software - please send me the license. Many thanks.
    Dropped you a line about installation error I got.
  • @Magix,

    All pending licenses were just sent out, enjoy!
  • Great piece of software. And so damn fast - I like :-)
  • Lightening fast and super support.
    I'm having some issues where links are processed initially, but then the program stops processing any more links. The timer continues but the links processed count stays the same and the job doesn't complete. This means I can't export and of the work that's already been done.

    Is there any way of getting the program to intermittently save to file- just like scrapebox harvester saves to file in case it crashes.


    Also, is there any chance of adding Moz trust as a metric to check?
  • edited June 2014
    1. Better API handling (app would crash if there were too many api errors).
    2. Stop button crashing fixed.


    Glad you like it :p.

    Latest release fixes that problem. I think Moz Trust is a paid metric.

    If anyone has any problems please use the wylde support forum ( and NOT my email. I wont be able to write to each user individually and on the forum you can see if another user is having the same problem.

    All licenses sent out.
  • None of the API I received are working, csv data is just urls no other data...

    I only had this software for a few hours and its useless to me at the moment.

    Please refund my money.
  • @j1387,

    You bought the software not the API's. Send me your email and I will send you valid ones.
  • @SamWylde
    I loaded some that I created manually and some that I use in Scrapebox and none are pulling any data with your software....

    I think your method has been busted....because all those API work in Scrapebox and not in your software.

    If this is the case then I would require a refund because I never got to use software as intended...only owned it for few hours....Do you think that is fair?

  • edited July 2014

    Apparently it was a software issue.  We were working on a fix for the past few days which makes sense on why it wasn't working for you. Moz has been making a lot of changes recently because our app is being used a lot by many customers.  We will send you some fresh APIs only this once and will help you get it working.  If you still have problems, lets set up a teamviewer meeting and we will fix your issue on the spot. Remember try not to over abuse it...Moz charges $500 a month for 500K results.  You can get several million with our app.  So try to keep the moz checking to a limit because we are not responsible if your api gets banned.  You can always buy more moz apis from us as we do sell them.

    As for scrapebox, its one api call per 10 sec.  Scrapebox can't handle all of these apis, it would crash instantly (I know because I have tested it myself).

    Run our app and apply the update when prompted and let us know. You have our email so we can help you.
  • @Sammy latest update is working perfectly for me so far. Love the new scraping edition!
  • @Sammy,
    Scrapebox has a feature Backlink checker, which will check the backlinks of a list of domains.

    Your application has a scraper function, which can check internal and external links, but it looks like there is a limit of 10 backlinks per url - scrapebox will scrape up to 1000 backlinks.

    Also, the scraper function seems to get stuck - it seems to hang on when it reaches a certain point and then won't process any more urls. It only seem to process a certain percentage of urls, and then hangs.

    eg if I enter 2000 urls, it will stop at around 1800 - if I reduce the number of ulrs to 100, it will hang after it has processed 90.

    All of my moz APIs are working with scrapebox, so I don't think it's an issue with the api.

    Also, if I press stop, the application stops working, so I can't even process the links which have been processed.

    Just to summarize:
    1. Is there any chance to include a feature like scrapebox backlink checker?
    2. There is a problem with the scraper to processing all of the urls - the program "hangs"
    3. The stop button doesn't work, and the application crashes.

    ps - the moz data part seems to be working well now :)
  • slimdusty72,

    I did not see that feature in Scrapebox, we will have to improve our scraper a bit :) (also gotta fix that stop button).

    1. Will see what I can do :).
    2. Yep, will be fixed on next release.
    3. Please confirm that the main stop button does work (checking urls).

    Also please feel free to leave suggestions on the forum ( I would love to hear from people about ideas for the app.
  • Hey,

    Software is still unusable because it doesn't filter out bad apis therefore leaving a lot of missing data in projects.

    How far away is that fix @SamWylde?
  • @hadoken,

    Software still works fine. Try using 1 good api (or just make a new one), I will try to have proxy support and filtering out by today.

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Wanted to buy with 20K APIs but site said no more sales whats going on guys
  • Attention All Users

    We are now raising the price of the Bulk MOZ Checker to $250.

    Why the big increase?

    Some people will accept this and others will be like "It only checks the stats! Why should I pay this much? This is NOT worth it!"

    Is it really worth it?

    To answer this question, MOZ charges $500 a month for 500K checks. So logically yes it is worth it. We believe each free api that YOU create allows 1 million max checks. So if you create a bunch of apis, they will last to a specific point until MOZ bans the api.

    So you have 3 choices really:

    Option 1:

    Get Netpeak and yes it’s absolutely FREE!  You can check approx. 30 urls in 5 minutes.

    ·         Cost = Free

    ·         Amount of APIs You Can Use:  ONE. It does not support batch processing.

    ·         Time it takes to check = Do you really want me to do the math? Lol

    Option 2:

    Plain and simple. Pay $500 to MOZ every month and get 500K urls checked maximum

    Option 3:

    Grab yourself the Ultimate Blazing Fast Wylde’s MOZ Bulk Checker! You can check approx. 125K urls in 5 minutes, yes…that’s with only 1 MOZ API (the free one).

    ·         Cost = One time fee of $249.99

    ·         Amount of APIs You Can Use:  UNLIMITED

    ·         Time it takes to check = Blazing Fast

    ·         Requires Proxies if you are heavy user. I would suggest using it all the time to be safe.


    We are no longer offering any support for MOZ API’s. If your API gets banned then MOZ can see that you are abusing it. We suggest you to use Proxies when running the software.  But if your MOZ API gets banned, go and make another one. We are software creators, not API guys.


    You can create your own MOZ API manually for free or buy them off a vendor who does sell them. Therefore to be more clear, YOU and only YOU are responsible for getting your own APIs.  

  • @nawshale,

    The above should answer your question. You will need a lot of proxies with that many API's. I would suggest having someone code your own zennoposter or ubot script for new moz signups.
  • wauw that is a big raise in price, to much for me, i'll stick with SB then.
  • @SamWylde after the last update the scraper just crashes when I start it..
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Hey Sam,

    I need to use my license on another PC. What's the process for moving the license to new PC?
  • @jjumpm2,

    The scraper is being completely re-done as we had messed up some of the columns and the data being returned wasn't labeled correctly. Hopefully we will be able to return MUCH more backlinks now. ETA 1 day.

    Just send me an email to or post on the forums (

    Also everyone is aloud to use BMC on 2 PC's now.

  • I bought this software when it first came out. I'm trying to use it with the API you supplied but it never gives me any results. It seems to go through the URL's but I get no MOZ info. 

    Would my API's have expired by now? Or what could be not working.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    What exactly do people use this for in such bulk? Do they scrape a huge list from Scrapebox, then sort only the 'good' URLs to post to on GSA?
  • As PR is not updated regularly now, all seo people talking about links from authority sites. I think this software can help sort a huge list with good page authority and domain authority to post to.
  • edited September 2014

    Your api's are expired or banned. You can make them for free here:

    That is what most members use it for. That and checking bulk expired domains.

    Yep :).

  • @SamWylde
    I bought the Moz Checker and Majestic Checker package for 24 hours ago but have not received any serial number yet.

    Transaktions-id: 4EW63049W0428631A

  • @vifa,

    Thank you for posting, they were caught in our email provider's backlog. I sent the details again from a different email, check your inbox.
  • Perfect, I got it. Thanks @SamWylde
  • BUMP.

    Just a reminder, the Bulk Moz Checker does NOT require a paid membership at Moz to work.
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