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Wylde's Bulk Moz Checker



  • For anyone who is wondering, let me tell you this thing SCREAMS. I am floored by the speed with just the 50 included APIs.Running it is a breeze too.Two thumbs way up to Samwylde and Sammy :-)

  • I just bought it. On how many computers can i use it?
  • @lightning,

    Thanks for the review :)!

    Just one, you won't need to use it on more than one anyways, as lightning said it's crazy fast :).
  • Yes it's extremely fast!
  • Bought this a few hours ago, but I have problems opening the setup. Also, am I meant to receive an email about the license?

  • 40k URLs per MINUTE using only the 50 APIs from Wylde :D the speed is so insane
  • @jonathanjon it's kinda wonky i dunno why chrome/windows don't "trust" it but just double click run it and install it anyway, reboot your computer and complete the installation
  • @jonathanjon,

    All licenses were sent out an hour ago. Send me a PM if you need any help.

    Thanks for the review :)!
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    Ordered. Please send me the license. I'll be writing a review too.
  • @sugarpatil,

    All licenses sent out, we look forward to the review!
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    edited May 2014
    thanks for calling me sugar, honey!

    P.S: Just a heads up, the email went straight to my spam. You might want to check that out.
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    edited May 2014

    The software does what it promises, get you MozRank, PageAuthority, Domain Authority and other parameters in seconds.

    I ran the software on my Private Blog Networks' 4409 URL's and it took 27 seconds, that's right, seconds not minutes

    After that you just export the file and all the data is presented in a nice excel sheet.

    Here's what it looks like

    This software is too good to be true.

    Now a tool is only useful when you can put it to good use. So here's some advice.
    Assuming, most of you build your lists or buy them, if you are building contextual backlinks to your money site, this tool can be quite handy. How you ask? Well, till now I use to build some 1000-1500 contextual links to my 100+ pages every month. Now that's a lot of links, henceforth I would be running my contextual links through Bulk Moz Checker and only build links from pages that have high MozRank, PA and DA. I wouldn't just rely on PageRank anymore. 

    My advice, if you use GSA, you gotta buy this software, its gold.

    @sven should probably work with @samwylde and make this available as an additional plugin which could be used right out of the box.

  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    My only issue with this is.... Moz is a great tool to utilize for SEO purposes, especially their API for one-off checks of backlink details. What you're doing is HEAVILY abusing their system by creating all these free accounts to be used by us. They are going to shut down that free sign up page at the rate you are going... rendering the tool itself useless once that happens :(
  • BanditIM, good point. I hope this software and what it does lasts forever though. I would hate to have paid $60 and not lasting more than a few months! So far, however, the software has been great. It checks DA/PA really fast and I'm using it from now on to filter my GSA links instead of using PR as a filter.
  • edited May 2014
    It shouldn't be a problem. Scrapebox has a feature like this also but its a million times slower and it crashes. People abused it and still nothing happened. Moz has to offer free apis in order for them to get business.
  • I also have tested this tool. Results are great. It managed to get results for 40k urls in about 3 minutes, and that includes saving to file, and opening the file. @SamWylde and @Sammy, you have a great tool here.

  • edited May 2014
    New version of WBMC. We added an option to set the tcp limit and threading multiplier, making it MUCH faster. With 50 API's (which you get for free) we have been able to check 60,700 urls in 46 seconds (seriously).

    New options:

    Better Speed:
  • Just bought and waiting for my license to be shipped over!

    Can't wait to try it out as I have been on the hunt for a solution for this for a while. To check 150 K domains in one go is a pain with NetPeak - either takes forever or crashes.

    If this works half as good as this thread makes it out I will be very happy.

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    Thanks, Sam. Obviously, recommended settings will vary based on machine specs and load, etc., but can you post any rough guidelines for TCP Connection Limit and Threading multipliers that can be used per 100 APIs to improve performance without causing any APIs to be banned?
  • edited May 2014

    License was sent out, enjoy the app :).

    For 100 I would go with tcp 200 and threading at 4-5. Feel free to post the speed you get with those settings.
  • @SamWylde, will do. Do you see this as linear? 500 APIs = recommended TCP 1000 and threads at 20-25 and so on?
  • @lightning,

    For 500 api's I would be doing only 8-12 thread multipliers. That number is not for threads, but is how much the base threads are multiplied (entering 8 would be 8 * Num of APi's).
  • Hey all!

    New Update!

    Made it even faster! It can now check 130K urls in 2 minutes...

    Don't believe me?

    Watch the video!

    Comments are welcome!
  • Our scraping module is almost complete. This will allow you to scrape the top backlinks from any urls that you want.


    Also use coupon Summer20 for $20 off!
  • Version

    1. New Feature: Scraping Module (Searches top backlinks in Moz's index for the given URL).
    2. New: 'Select Metrics to Retrieve' options.
    3. Change log button added to settings.
    4. Version info displayed in program.
    5. Minor Bug Fixes.

    Scraping Module:

    New Settings:
  • @SamWylde could you add function to check automatically domains with "www" and without it - after that programm could leave only those with better metrics...
  • edited June 2014
    @SamWylde I am interested. Few questions:

    Scrapebox has similar tool but it requires proxies, does your software require proxies for use also?

    You mention free 50 moz api's, how long do these stay alive? are they banned often?

    License type? Allowed to install on 2 machines but only run 1 instance at a time?

    Not sure if home network connection would limit this software speed or do you recommend vps/dedi type network connection?
  • @meph,

    I think Gscraper and Scrapebox already have that feature.

    1. Proxies are not currently needed.
    2. We have given out 25,000+ api's and so far only 4 have been banned.
    3. 1 Machine install only (PM or email me if you need to move it).
    4. Home connection should work fine.

  • SamWylde This is a badass piece of software...buying it now!
  • @coneh34d,

    All licenses sent out. Hope you enjoy the software. Feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions for the program.
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