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My GSA is not working like it should. I need some help please!

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Hi I have been using GSA SER for 2 weeks but my GSA is not running as it should. I have read all the posts about increasing LpM but I still have very low LpM. I'm getting like 0.00 to like 12.00 LpM. At first it may run like up to 12.00 LpM but then it goes down to 1 to 0.80 I would appreciate if someone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

screen captures:


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    SER is working like it should, you just have too few projects to make it work better and the list you are using is too weak to allow for more LpM, your settings can be optimized as well. How about you read some of the posts here ? It has helped me, so i recon it will help you as well :)
  • Thanks for your help I will go through these posts. But whats weird is that my friend has just put like 700 keywords in the keyword box with the same settings and she has good amount of LpM. I just did what she did but I'm getting very low LpM.
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    Look through the log and see what's happening then. Are your proxies being burnt too quickly while scraping? You might not be using enough quality search engines and/or too little wait between search queries.

    Edit: I just looked through your screenshots quickly, and that's an extremely low wait between search queries with your amount of proxies, in my opinion. When I was scraping within SER, I had trouble with proxies being burnt on google with a wait time of 60 seconds and 100 private proxies. Also the fact that you're having SER make you solve captchas and fill in forms it doesn't know how to fill is also slowing it down a lot.
  • Thanks for your help. What amount of a wait time between queries do you suggest I should put?
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