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GSA SER on home internet line

Hello lads, 

Soon i'll get FttH internet connection in my home, the speed is 200/100 mbps which is more than enough for GSA SER to run smoothly, i will also get a good CPU, 12 GB of ram, SSD disk and quality power supply to run the GSA on, i'm just looking for some advice from people who are doing the same, i mean i will use the proxy for submitting the links but is that just enough to not rise red flag with my ISP ? I read somewhere that one guy had an issue with his cable ISP because he had a lot of DNS requests in short period of time and they blocked him, some guys told him to use google DNS and that he will resolve the issue that way, so i am looking for some advice from guys who are running GSA on their home network and PC. 



  • You choose the dns that is fastest for you. There are several pieces of software (dnsbench to call one) that help you do it. You need proxies to operate, anonymous proxies. Apart from that - if you have a computer at home and want to use it for that purpose - go ahead.
  • @Ferryman

    I know all that, i'm just seeking for some personal experience from people who do it, did they had any issues with their ISP complains and how did they resolve them. 
  • as long as the provider doesn't get any complaints they will not do anything. 1) Use anonymous proxies, so no complains. 2) you are not sending out unsolicited email, so you won't get any complaints.

    also read:

  • I just had to comment on this "2) you are not sending out unsolicited email, so you won't get any complaints."
    You'll still get loads of complaints when building backlinks. The day I switched to a proxy provider who didn't ignore complaints, I got multiple complaints after backlinking for just 24 hours.
  • fakenickahl 

    Complains are not the issues as i use proxies for posting. I just read on BHW that one guy had issue because he had lots of connections at the same time, but again, if none of my local ISPs complain about torrents ( where you get lots of connections in the same time ) they shouldn't for GSA either.
  • I merely wanted to correct the statement I qouted with my personal experience.

    However, I used to use SER on my home connection for a couple of months with a big amount of threads. I didn't hear anything from my ISP. From reading about other people's experiences, it seems to me that they only face issues when their ISP thinks a computer on their network is infected due to the way SER functions and therefore they cut the connection. I wouldn't know how easy it is talking to these people, but I always thought you'd be fine if you just explained to your ISP that you're aware of what's going on and it's supposed to be that way.
  • @fakenickahl

    What's your experience with running SER at home ? I see biggest advice in the fact that i do not need to be worry about the data and server it self because it will be running in my home, so there won't be a hosting provider who could suspend me for whatever reason he find. Also i can build a great PC for GSA for a cheap price, for same server like that i would need to pay at last 100-150 euros per month, while my internet connection costs 70 euros per month and i will get more download speed than i would with the server. 
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    I used SER on my home connection and every month i receive at least one complaints but i don't care. If my isp has a problem with me i can just change the isp. Complaints are always the same, here is the example or last one i received:

    We have had hack attempts on our website from your network, from IP address

    We believe this server is compromised by hackers in Turkey, and is part of
    a botnet attack, possibly using eggdrop bot/psybnc, controlled by UDP via
    port 80.

    Please check this server for malware or if this is a user account, please
    inform them that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable..

    The criminal controlling the botnet usually targets CPanel/WHM, WordPress
    Akismet, Joomla Open Flash Chart library (ofc_upload_image.php) and ccmail
    installations, so please check any other servers running these."

    And after that i blocking this site in my host file and in the router configuration and that's it.
  • You will still have the same issue with your isp as a server provider gives you. They are merely terminating your server if they get in trouble with their isp to protect themselves and their costumers. You shouldn't have any issues with this though if you're using good proxies. The complaints will go to your proxy provider then.

    Also, it was a no-brainer for me to stop running SER at home. I can get a beast of a server in the US for not much more than it would cost me in power to have a computer running every day. I just want to make sure you have taken power costs into consideration as well.
  • In my case runing SER 24/7 for a month power cost is 5-6$. G2030 8 gb ram 500 threads and i live in Bulgaria :)
  • Power costs are close to none, i'm not going to run bitcoin miner with 6 GPU cards hahahaah, but a one PC with GSA on it :)

    This is the plan i have : 

    1. Get highspeed VPN, somewhere in Europe so i would get good ping with 1 GBPS speed.
    2. Get highspeed, anonymous proxies from a vendor who does allow SEO tools
    3. Use google DNS service for DNS requests

    I think that setup should run without any issues. 

  • Why would you even use a VPN though? Wouldn't it just slow everything down?
  • To avoid any potential complain i could get. 

    No it won't slow it down. I'm on a FttH 200/100 mbps, if i get a VPN with 1gbps speed, located in Europe, speed could get slowed by maybe 3-4%.
  • As long as you've got good proxies, the complaints will go straight to your proxy provider. Personally, I'd want to squeeze every tiny drop of speed out of SER.
  • Well, i, personally, have a good ping to Netherlands, 30-50 ms, and there is a lot of VPN providers there who does not care about any complains, with a 1 GBPS speed and 30-50 ms ping, VPN will not be a bottleneck for GSA at all, especially since GSA will not take more than 30-35 mbps download, 3-4 mbps upload at a time even with 500 threads. I never saw more than 50mbps usage with GSA so far. 
  • KaineKaine

    What vpn have you ? (1gbps)
  • @Kaine

    There are lots of them, this is just one of them :
  • KaineKaine
    Thanks ;)
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