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Have I been stupid!?

Guys, does gsa indexer cone with the GSA purchase? I have it ticked as my only indexing service and do see in thelog links being pinged, but did in need to buy it seperately? Does anyone use it?


  • Yeah you have to buy it separately, it's $20 or so I think one off payment. You would be better off using an indexing service, check out the suppliers that have an API through SER and choose. I use Link Processor but have had great results from Incredible Indexer and Express Indexer is meant to be very good too. Choice is yours, but the GSA Indexer isn't that great and saps CPU/RAM.
  • Jesus, i didnt even realise...

    Without using an indexing service, what links on secondary tiers would be good to get contextuals indexed mate? Any ideas?

    ill look in to the options as you've advised - thanks for your help

  • Well any contextual to contextual link will most likely get the first indexed....but you'll be chasing your tail as you want the link pushing link to be indexed. 

    It's best to just let a service do the indexing for you, obviously do spot checks to make sure they're working. ALl you do is pay your money and add your API into SER and let SER throw the links at it. Pretty much worth the money and zero effort wasted after you've spent 30 seconds buying it and adding the API.
  • done!! Thanks for your advice
  • @JudderMan ... how good is the link processor in your experience vs the incredible indexer ? I see very very low indexing rates last 3 days with the link processor. Not sure if it's only me ?
  • ye seriously how good is link processor because i had NO success with it. I am still testing as we speak lol.
  • Check the Link Processor thread and see if there are any problems. SER sends x amount every x minutes (can't remember the numbers) so maybe it's that if you're having trouble. Turn off drip feed where possible in SER (and possibly Link Processor). 

    I loved Incredible Indexer and continue to recommend them, but I personally found there was server errors/downtime and then backend wouldn't give you results all of the time. Lots of people went to Link Processor because of its fancy website, but that's not what I'm bothered about, I wanted to see results, statistics etc but I must admit it hasn't been plain sailing. There was some errors at the start, but I've bought 6 months now, so I need to stick with it. I'd go with Express Indexer, not that I've tried it but from what I've read about it, and if you don't mind the expensive side of it, but I like to keep my costs down at all times.

    In short:

    Incredible Indexer = brilliant at indexing when it works, cost effective, lots of problems
    Link Processor = excellent stats, good at indexing, some problems

  • @JudderMan my experience the link processor was perfect first 3 days but now it's a complete a waste of money! Not sure what happened to them. And yes I agree the incredible indexer was perfect when it works!
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    For $20 I think it's a good service.
  • You can always build a network of web 2.0 or blogs at free hosting and use these to index
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