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i7 24gb ram dedi crashing on 300 threads

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I currently have a problem with GSA on my dedi.
What I am using :
- Captcha Breaker
- 10 private proxies
- running 4 projects

Currently, my GSA is running at 100 threads.
If I go up to 200 threads, my dedi might crash.

Any ideas why ?


  • Tim89Tim89
    I must mention too, the newer versions of SER are so much more bulky, version 7.51 is appears to be a 'lite' version and I am able to run that version perfectly fine @ 1200 - 1300 threads with 150 projects.

    The latest versions or the 8.xx versions are somewhat very much different and sends my machines in a crawling state at around 400 threads... so there is a definate issue or "difference" there.

    I am going to reinstall my previous versions of 7.51 and leave it as that.
  • @sven Any idea what can the problem be ?
  • By crashing you mean...? Reboot or OOM error or something else? Latest versions tend to be more CPU hungry, but that is the cost of improved verification rates.
  • goonergooner
    I'm not even seeing improved verified rates that everyone else seems to be seeing with latest versions. My verified per day dropped from 150k to 40k per day. Change back to the older version and all is well again.
  • i want to use old version but old version don't have linkprocessor for indexing.
  • Well lemonzer, you can simply put the RPC url.. 
  • @gooner What's the best older version in your opinion ?
  • goonergooner
    @vanity - I've got a few older version that i am running on different servers. Not 100% sure which is best but 8.07 seems to be good.
  • @gooner - How exactly can I go back to 8.07 ?
  • goonergooner
    @vanity - Here are links to older versions.




    Download the file, add it to SER folder in program files and run it.
    That's all you need to do.
  • I've been running 8.07 on 600 threads (7 projects) for 5 minutes now, and it seems to be stable.

    I'll update if it crashs. 
  • Thanks @gooner for links!
    On latest version i can`t run more than 20 projects at once due to the memory issues - now with ver 8.07 i run over 48 projects with 700 threads and memory usage is about 2.5-2.7 GB and CPU lower than 30% this is really great!
    The latest version have some very annoying memory problems i had to babysit all the time - this is very frustrating. Of course my lpm went up from 70 to 200 but this is probably because runinng more projects at once.
  • @Tim89 can you share ver 7.51 i would like to compare this version to ver 8.07
  • Tim89Tim89
  • Thanks! I will test this later.
  • @meph Come back to us with the results. 
  • edited April 2014
    I love the 7.98... and I missed it so much...

    Thank you gooner !
  • @meph this is an issue i am experiencing too. I have given @sven some project backups and I believe he is looking into it
  • I am testing and i have still some problemes BUT it seems that previous versions for me are much better - they can handle more projects to run at once and i have higher LPM. 
    Now i am testing different settings in my projects (wirh different SER version) to find out what couse my problems with memory.
  • edited April 2014
    It seemes that version 8.07 is the best for my needs (lowest memoru usage) - ver 7.51 i also tested but I copied only exe file to the newest version like gooner did with other versions - i am going to test 7.51 as old version (and not copying exe file - but full version of it)
  • goonergooner
    Guys... I also found that using the scheduler increases LPM dramatically. Usually on one server i run around 160 projects at once, but i discovered running 30 projects for 10 minutes on the scheduler is improving my LPM by x4 or more.

    This never used to make much difference, but it's a huge factor now for sure.
  • yes v8.07 is more stable. But once i minimize it , i can't maximize it back till i restart ser using task manager
  • Be mindful if you are reverting back to a previous version of SER that it was having issues not saving links that are showing as verified on the project level to the global level. If my memory serves me correctly, this issue was happening somewhere in the 7.9x-8.00 versions. 
  • @gooner How to use the scheduler ? I didn't know there was a scheduler in GSA..
  • goonergooner
    @vanity - Next to the start button there is an arrow, click the arrow and then select "scheduler (all with status active)". A box will open up, choose how many projects for how many minutes and click start.
  • I'd use scheduler but since I do churn and burn having it running 24/7 for links is far better
  • @gooner - Yep, you're right, it's increasing LPM. What does "number of projects to run at the same time" exactly means ? I have 7 projects, the value in that field is 10. 

    Does it mean that if I have 30 projects in total, and that I keep a 10 value, it will focus on 10 projects, then focus on other ones ? 
  • @sumusiko - If I understood the scheduler function well, you can still use it and run it 24/7
  • goonergooner
    @vanity - Yes that's correct.
  • Hey guys, my memory problems are almost solved - i noticed that it is probably connected with Captcha Breaker (yet i am not sure if this cause all problems, but for sure some). 
    I tested a lot of SER versions on 2 servers - i tested all checkboxes in options etc. Now i moved all my projects to different machine on which i am running SER with Captcha Sniper and problem seems to be almost solved!

    On that machine i tested the same project with CS and with CB - and it seems that memory issues is connected with CB - i have to test optimal options for CB.
    But on latest version i have very high CPU usage is almost 100% but i have now much lower memory usage.

    And ver 8.07 still is lower memory and CPU usage than 8.27 ver - but the difference is much less now.

    Can somebody share CB settings - some screenshots etc?

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